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Anderson Silva Plans to Retire in June of 2009

The MMA world went into an uproar when Anderson Silva made the announcement that he was planning to retire within the next year. His manager, Ed Soares, quickly tried to explain Silva’s comments, but after an interview with Sherdog there is no need to clarification. Silva has six fights left on his current contract, after that, he’s done. “It’s true. I will retire. As soon as this contract is over, I will not fight anymore. I have six more fights on my contract.” Silva proclaimed.

Widely regarded as one of the top 2 fighters in the world in any weight class, Silva has dominated in his last eight fights, all of which has been stopped no later than the 2nd round.

“I can have these six fights and then it’s over.” Silva told Sherdog again. He wants to help bring in the new generation of MMA fighters as he feels that his time in Mixed Martial Arts has run its course.

“Everything has its time, and I believe my time is already over.” Silva surprisingly said.

With guys like Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock and Mark Coleman all fighting well into their 40’s, it’s hard to believe that a durable and successful fighter like Anderson Silva would call it quits so early. Six more fights sounds like a long time but Silva makes it feel so near.

When asked when he planned to retire, Silva seems almost prophetic when he quickly responded, “I believe until June of 2009.”

After a fight with Patrick Cote he may want a re-match with Yushin Okami, the last loss that he suffered after being disqualified for an illegal kick. He could also jump back into the light heavyweight division if the right opportunity presents itself, “My goal is to keep focused training hard no matter if it’s in the 83 (185-lbs.) or 93-kg (205-lbs.) division until my retirement.”