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"A Night Combat II" Salaries

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the fighters’ salaries for this past Saturdays. “A Night of Combat II” event. The co-promotion was put together by boxing promoter Skip Kelp and female MMA fighter and entrepreneur Kim Couture at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The total payroll for the night’s event was $160,00, with a number of fighters earning the night’s maximum of $20,000.

Ryan Hess ($1,500) Defeated Ian Omalza ($1,500)
Elena Reid ($1,500) Defeated Stephanie Palmer ($1,500)
Patrick Gonsalves ($1,500) Defeated Shawn David ($1,500)
Jonathan J.J. Mix ($3,000) Defeated John Halverson ($3,000)
Josh Haynes ($10,000/Win bonus was $5,000) Defeated Sean Salmon ($7,000/Win bonus would have been $5,000)
John Alessio ($15,000) Defeated Gideon Ray ($15,000)
Mike Pyle ($20,000) Defeated Brian Gassaway ($15,000)
Jay Hieron ($20,000) Defeated Chris Kennedy ($8,500)
Hector Ramirez ($20,000/Win bonus was $5,000) Defeated Rick Roufus ($15,000/Win bonus would have been $5,000)

Total Disclosed payroll: $160,500