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Frank & Ken Shamrock agree to fight

ESPN is reporting that step-brothers Frank and Ken Shamrock have agreed to fight and have gone as far as signing the contract to fight. There are still some details that both say need to be figured out before the fight with take place but the agreement is in place for the fight that EliteXC has been trying to setup for well over a year.

Many were hoping that an impressive showing by Ken Shamrock at EliteXC: Heat would’ve sealed the deal, but his sudden removal due to a cut over his eye during training the day of made things a lot more difficult.

Frank was very vocal about his displeasure that his older brother Ken when he was unable to fight Kimbo Slice in the main event because he was training only hours before the fight. Ken has always been upset with Frank because of his perceived lack of respect for their father.

No date, venue or promoter has taken on the fight as of yet but the leading candidates would obviously be EliteXC and Strikeforce to have the first brother vs. brother fight.