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Crigger’s Friday Mailbag

You guys are paying attention. Well, at least 20 of you are anyway. After suggesting that Kimbo’s stoppage was premature and imploring anyone with an opinion to bring it on, I got about 20 emails from you good folks. Eighteen of them were intelligent, proving that MMA fans are not the “Barbarians at the Gate” that Mike Freeman once called us. Now that I know there are sooooo many opinionated people out there (hey, 20 is a good start), I will strive to write better to appease you. Here are my favorite responses:

The winner of an inscribed copy of my book is Michael Moore, and not the obese, liberal filmmaker. This Moore has insightful comments and great suggestions sprinkled lightly with good one-liners. He admits to being an MMA bandwagonner after the first season of TUF and outlined a purely evil plan to take over the world. Well not really, but he’s a bright dude who pretends to work in a bank while secretly surfing MMA websites. He made two great suggestions-chicks love reality shows, so get them involved in TUF if you want them to watch MMA with you, and a live UFC fight is always better then anything else because you know the fighters and the organization are going to be around for the next two years whereas every other promotion could be belly up after the press conference ends. Congrats.

The “Best Comedy” award goes to Johnny Chapstick who said, “Mr. Glass jaw took a fall and now Seth is the greatest thing since sliced Kimbo bread. Trying a double leg takedown proves he was out of it…or maybe that all white guys look alike.” Nice dude! That gave me a chuckle. Runner up was Bruce Kilby. He told me a story about his co-workers who think Kimbo can take GSP or Anderson Silva. I want to work in his office so I can smoke ganja too.

The “M Word” award goes to Danny Craft who compared the UFC to a monopoly. I’ve heard this a few times and did some research on the subject for my book (which everyone has read right?). To be a true monopoly a company has to violate anti-trust laws, have absolutely zero competition, and have crooked politicians passing legislation that benefits them. Examples are US Steel in the 1920’s and AT&T in the 1980’s. The UFC doesn’t meet that definition, so all we can really say about them right now is they’re the shiznit and we better learn to live with it.

The “Most Inquisitive” award goes to CactusCat23 who asked poignant questions like, “Should female fights be five minutes?” “Should there be a weight cap after weigh in?” And my favorite “Why does Mickey wear pants and no shirt but Donald wears a shirt and no pants?”

The “Integrity” award goes to Mike DeLuca who said, “Skala needs to sit his ass down at his events. No one wants to see a biased official. We all know they want to protect their money makers, but 4.5 million people don’t need to see it. It ruins the integrity of the sport.” Vocnet gets runner up recognition. He said, “Jared Shaw needs to sit back and keep his mouth shut during the fight. When it comes to fights within his own organization, isn’t he supposed to be unbiased?” He is. I’ve been to three UFCs and can tell you that members of the press are strictly forbidden from showing any favoritism toward a fighter. They also can’t drink beer in press row…ludicrous!!

The “We Agree on Something” award goes to Kevin Liebertz who said, “The tragedy of the Kimbo-Thompson fight was that it was stopped as a TKO with Thompson still on his feet.” If I live to be a hundred I hope I never see another fight stopped when a guy is still standing and trading blows. That stoppage reeked of corruption although Dan Miragliotta has shown a pattern of stopping fights early. Just three weeks after Kimbo-Thompson, Miragliotta stopped the Fabricio Werdum-Brandon Vera fight at UFC 85 WAY before he should have.

“Best Username” award – Phreakatron. I had to look at it a few times to get it. Priceless.

The “Direct and to the Point” award goes to Shaun who hates my endings. He said, “As quickly and efficiently as you can, lose the “I’m just sayin'” line. It’s way overworked at this point and becoming an annoying cliche. You don’t need it anymore.” I was wondering what you savvy readers thought of that. Truth is I started it because people seem to use it as a defense. As if by saying it they’re sanitized of any backlash for something they’ve uttered. Shaun’s probably right and I will drop it. My new ending will be, “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”

The “I Need to Vent” award goes to Charles Bessman, Patrick Fox, and Kyle MacDonnell who wrote the longest emails. All had great points, but dudes, get back to work already. Ironically two of them work in NYC, which makes me wonder how this economic recession REALLY got started.

“Shortest email” award-Adam Watson. Three sentences. Mark Stanfa wrote six, but one had four words-Kimbo is a joke.

Several people suggested Jake Shields would get his ass handed to him in the talent-rich UFC welterweight division. Before last weekend I would have said Jake could hold his own there, but his performance against Daley was awful. Canadian Geoff Moses said, “Jake Shields might be good, but his weak 1-2-3 step armbar made it hard to believe that he showcased anything other than purple belt ground work.” I have been a fan of Shields for a while, but that fight showed his standup and GnP need work. The potential is there, but…yeah.

“Long Distance” award – Morten Solvik from Norway. Really? I have a reader in Scandinavia? I’m going to drink a Carlsberg beer for Morten tonight!

“Best use of the F word” award goes to Dixonfirst. He writes, “I agree with what you’re saying on standards, but to say that was a premature stoppage you’re out of your fucking mind.” We have successfully identified the one guy in class who’s going to snap first. No sharp objects for you.

The “Really Unnecessary Suggestion” award goes to a guy who will remain unnamed who said, “Have your son get knocked out or your brother hit like that and see if you think that stoppage was good.” Since my son is 7 years old and about forty pounds, I’m betting he wouldn’t get up if he took a series of Petruzzelli’s punches. But the mere suggestion that I strike a child seems out of bounds to me. Disagree with me all you want, but don’t suggest I beat up my family to prove a point.

In case you hadn’t noticed I post my stuff every Wednesday morning, so see you then.

I’m rubber and you’re glue…

Damn you Shaun!

Kelly Crigger is a freelance MMA writer and author of the book “Title Shot: Into the Shark Tank of Mixed Martial Arts” which you can purchase by clicking here. Contact him through his website at