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Dana White: "You’re going to see [Kimbo Slice] fighting at barbecues again"

While promoting a new book in New York called ‘Fighter’, UFC President Dana White took the time out to continue his public disapproval of Kimbo Slice after Slice’s :14 second loss to Seth Petruzelli. “I think you’re going to see him [Kimbo Slice] fighting at barbecues again.” White said.

To Kimbo Slice’s credit, he has done everything in his power to progress his skills as he has been training extensively with Bas Rutten since he announced his entry into Mixed Martial Arts. Rutten has coached many great fighters but admits that Slice is still young in the game.

White did say that he’d be willing to let Slice try and get in the UFC but, “I wasn’t going to offer Kimbo Slice a chance to fight in the UFC — but a chance to fight his way on to Ultimate Fighter. If you want to be in the UFC, go do the reality show,” White continued.

The vocal White told the Boston Herald, “It was bound to happen. These guys [EliteXC] have lost $60 million trying to get this thing off the ground. They’re building their promotion around a guy [Kimbo Slice] who can’t fight. It’s kind of (expletive) stupid, isn’t it? You’re in the fight business and you’re building your business around a guy who can’t fight.”