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Kevin Randleman Talks Couture vs. Lesnar, Future And Much More

Kevin Randleman sat down with our partners from The Light’s Out Show today to discuss his upcoming fight schedule, give his thoughts on fellow wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture, and give one of the more colorful rants we’ve seen in a while. Check out the quotes below:

Randleman On His Fighting Future:

“I’m going to be in shape everyday…I want to fight six times a year, and I’m going to get the opportunity to.”

Randleman On His Love Of Fighting And Why MMA Fans Should Stay Just Fans:

“I love street fighting, because in street fighting there’s no John (McCarthy) who drops out of the clouds and says, “OK, let’s get it on! I love how people talk about how tough they are…bitches…you are not tough. Just because you watch a (expletive) UFC show and you see some smokin’ Joe coming off of a checkout line come on and maybe take second in an [Ultimate Fighter] show, that’s not you. These guys have been thugs long before, they just wanted an opportunity. Just because you think you can fight, come in the gym one day and let me punch you, then you’ll understand that [you’ll] just want to be a fan…This is my job, bitches!…I want to get kicked in my teeth. If my teeth fall out, I come home, my girl knows she’s going to get some great sex. I don’t care. Next day I get up and I’m stronger! So all you amateurs out there remember, you can get punched in the face by your sister, BUT I’M NOT YOUR SISTER!”

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