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Chris Leben Sits Down With The Boys From The Light’s Out Show

In volume 161 of The Lights Out Show, in partnership with and Tagg Radio, Chris Fries and The JDH discussed a variety of topics and welcomed in Chris Leben. Leben spoke about his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping, the possibility of moving up to light heavyweight, and getting another crack and Anderson Silva. Below are some highlights from their conversation.

TLOS: When do you feel you should have a shot at the title?

Leben: “Well, both of us (Bisping and I) have been on a little bit of a roll and the winner will determine who deserves a title shot and who is run of the mill.”

TLOS: Since you’ve beaten Patrick Cote, how do you feel about him getting a title shot before you?

Leben: “Patrick Cote has been on a tear…he deserves a title shot as much as anybody else, and besides that, if he wins I’ve already beaten him, that’s an easy title shot for me.”

TLOS: Ever consider fighting at 205 and fighting someone like a Forrest Griffin?

Leben: “I walk around at 220…I like good fights, and if the UFC were to propose to me a matchup that I thought was a good fight for me, absolutely, I’d have no problem doing it.”

TLOS: Who hit you the hardest in your MMA career?

Leben: “Well, I’ve got two answers, Terry Martin hit me pretty darn hard, snapped my head back and definitely had me rocked, but he didn’t follow up. Anderson (Silva) hit me hard, but followed up so well it felt a lot harder because he followed up with like 5 other punches.”

TLOS: How would you approach Anderson Silva if given another shot?

Leben: “I learned a lot the first time. I assure you when I fight him again it’s gonna be a different story.”

TLOS: Is Anderson Silva deserving of the praise of best pound for pound fighter in the world?

Leben: “I think to be the best pound for pound fighter you have to prove yourself not just at stand up but on the ground as well. I don’t know that he’s proven himself to be a world class grappler.”

Leben also talked about his game plan against Michael Bisping, his relationship with Josh Koscheck, his thoughts on if he were picked to coach TUF, how much more MMA is in his career and much more! Don’t miss it – on volume 161 of The Lights Out Show right here at