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Jake Shields Talks Training, CBS And Paul Daley

Jake Shields is the reigning EliteXC welterweight champion. He’s set to face of against Paul Daley On Oct. 4. Shields took the time out to speak with our Brazilian partner Edu Ramos of Na just a week from his fight.

Edu: Hi there, Jake, how are you doing?

Shields: I’m OK. Thanks

Edu: You’re a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt so, tell us about the importance of the BJJ in your game plan.

Shields: It’s very important. Grappling is the center of my style.

Edu: Name your favorites grapplers, please.

Shields: Marcelo Garcia, Saulo Ribeiro and Ronaldo Jacaré.

Edu: Your coming off of ten straight victories since you were defeated by Akira Kikuchi at Shooto End Year in 2008. How have you been able to continue on this winning streak?

Shields: Hard work! I’m always training. Fighting is my whole focus right now.

Edu: What are you thoughts about EliteXC promotion?

Shields: They’ve treated me good. I’m about to be on CBS for the 2nd time. Definitely giving me more exposure..

Edu: You’re still a young fighter but already have an amazing record of 24 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. What is missing to shock the MMA world?

Shields: I’m going to be number one and stay there for a long time.

Edu: Who are your coaches and your teammates?

Shields: Dave Alexander – Conditioning, Tareq – Boxing,
Teamates: Gilbert Melendez, Nick & Nate Diaz, and lots of others

Edu: Did you ever come to Brazil?

Shields: Yes, a couple of times. I love it there. Great training, beaches and nightlife..

Edu: What’s your opinion about Brazilian fighters?

Shields: I love to watch the Brazilian fighters because they’re so technical. Some of my favorite fighters are Shogun, Norgueira and Anderson Silva. Not only do they have great ground technique but they also have great striking.

Edu: Who are the best fighters in your division and which of them would you like to face?

Shields: Well, of course Georges Saint Pierre, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and I’d like to fight any of them.

Edu: Jake, you’re going to defend the welterweight title against the Cage Rage Champion, Paul Daley. Recently, He stated the following:

“He won’t remember much…just waking up I guess. I’m gonna be real mean in this fight, fuck Jake Shields, you’re going to see. I am stronger, I hit harder, I take punishment and he will not take me down, or hold me there for long if I make a mistake. This is gonna be a shock to those Jake Shields nut huggers. Once I am in that top ten, I’m coming after everyone above me….”

Please, comment.

Shields: I think he has really good Muay Thai, but he’s in over his head and he knows it. He’s mouthing off to get over his own fear. It’s like a little dog barking.

Edu: What’s the importance of CBS to the sport?

Shields: I think network TV is really important. CBS has brought MMA to people that have never seen it before. There’s starting to be a whole new audience. It’s important to be respectful and to put on a good show. I get people coming up and saying that was the first time they had seen MMA and they’re all excited about it. I think when people get a chance to see it, they realize it is a real sport with real athletes.