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The Light’s Out Show Vol. 160 Now Available

In this volume of The Lights Out Show, in partnership with Tagg Radio and, Chris Fries and The JDH discuss these MMA topics:

VOLUME 160 (Released on Thursday, September 25th. Now archived for you here.)

– Anderson Silva has more on his retirement talk

– DREAM.6 results, recap and further details on the Cro Cop/Overeem fight

– Josh Thomson calling to “Hell” for first title defense

– UFC Fight Night 15 salaries and bonuses

– Strikeforce At The Mansion 2 salaries and bonuses

– World Victory Road calls Roger Gracie a “faker”

– Elite XC is up for sale, and a buyer is in line

– Boxing and MMA on the same cards? Could it be?!

– Jesse Taylor for TUF 7 gets baptism by fire

– Affliction’s cancellation may be the best thing that happened to them…and us

– UFC 90 card is finalized. We review it here.

If you don’t listen to this volume you’ll miss:

– The JDH comparing MMA and boxing with a hot stripper (MMA) who’ll do things to you your fat girlfriend (boxing) won’t.

– Or why Chris Fries thinks Alistair Overeem could be a top 3 heavyweight!

– Or hear how relentless The JDH is on Cro Cop. Trust me, it’s priceless!

– Or how they compare good MMA to crack cocaine!

They’re certainly not short on opinions. Maybe that’s why they’re one of the fastest growing MMA shows on the air.