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Quick Shots: Liddell – McCain – UFC, Couture, EXC Losses & More has an article talking about endorsements from MMA & Pro Wrestling personalities. In the article, it notes that Chuck Liddell is endorsing John McCain and says it’s surprising since McCain tried to ban the UFC in 1996. For the full article, click here.

Speaking of McCain banning the UFC, has an extensive article on John McCain’s crusade to ban the UFC. Some of the interesting items in the article include the fact that McCain had economic ties to boxing during that time and while McCain referred to the UFC as “human cockfighting”, actual cockfighting was legal in McCain’s state of Arizona at the time. It goes on to note that McCain’s crusade led to many of the changes that led to the popularity of the UFC today and McCain has changed his position on MMA, although making it clear that he’s “not a fan”. For the entire article, click here.

EliteXC is losing money at a staggering rate. According to last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, EliteXC has lost $24,390,000 in the first six months of this year. They lost $27,584,000 last year and spent another $4,249,000 in start-up costs in 2006, so their losses are upwards of $56 million. Their CBS deal only brings in $325,000 per show and much of their losses are in their sister companies like Icon, King of the Cage and mostly Cage Rage.

The newsletter also noted that UFC has merchandising rights for Randy Couture as part of their agreement to bring Couture back to the UFC. Couture will be in the new UFC video game.