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Cro Cop & Overeem Heat up at DREAM.6 Press Conference

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Alistair Overeem at DREAM.6 has to be the most exciting story in Japanese MMA at the moment. It all started months ago when Overeem had publicly went off about Cro Cop being done. Cro Cop responded to Overeem via his blog and now we’re only hours away before the two square off, but they made things a lot more interesting at the last press conference.

After Sergei Kharitonov’s opponent, Siala Siliga, was pulled due to a back injury, Mirko immediately commented, “I’m ready to jump in, in his [Siliga’s] place. If Dream agrees, I’m ready to fight two fights tomorrow.”

Overeem not wanting to be one-upped responded by saying, “I think after I fight Mirko, he will never fight again.”

Both fighters have the ability to knock each other out during tomorrow’s DREAM.6 event, it’ll be interesting to see if the fight lives up to the hype that it has garnered through both fighter’s comments.