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UFC Thrilled to be in Manila by May 2009

The UFC is continuing to grow its brand of MMA abroad, the events in the U.K. were just the beginning of the movement and it now seems as though the UFC has made a commitment of when they want to go to the Philippines. “We’re expanding into Southeast Asia, and we want to use the Philippines and Manila as a springboard to make it happen,” UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta told reporters.

“We’re expanding into Europe, we have an office in the UK, we’re planning fights in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark,” Fertitta went on to say.

After a recent trip with former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell under their belt, they know exactly how popular the UFC is. “When we went to the Mall of Asia yesterday (Sunday), we had an incredible turnout. Just walking down the street, everybody recognized Chuck Liddell,” Fertitta explained.