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Clay Guida got Dirty for the Win

Clay Guida’s victory over TUF champion Mac Danzig was about as pretty as his hair but it got the job done. “Little things like dirty boxing and dirty stuff up against the cage got it done.” Guida explained in a post-fight interview.

It seemed as though the UFC were setting up Guida to be Danzig’s stepping-stone to the top of the lightweight division. Guida obviously had different plans, “I knew I was going to get the W as long as I kept him down.”

Danzig was visibly frustrated as the third round transpired; you could even see him say an expletive after another Guida takedown.

Guida did run into some trouble though but he was able to continue to push forward, “he really caught me with a knee and at the time I think I was keeping pretty good cover and he was still in my face and I knew I could cut the cage off on him a little bit and get the takedown.”

With the win, Guida no doubt will get back into the thick of things in the UFC’s lightweight division.