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Quick Shot: Gary Shaw On Affliction/Golden Boy Partnership

Gary Shaw recently sat down with Steve Cofield to discuss the new Affliction/Golden Boy partnership. Seems Shaw has some words for the wise:

“I think they’re in a very tough area. Golden Boy is doing a very good job in boxing. Oscar De La Hoya knows boxing. There’s nobody there that knows MMA. I think Affliction or Oscar, if they’re going to team up, still needs an MMA promoter. Because at the end of the day, it’s the promoter that starts the ball rolling, and starts everybody talking. You know, like me and Dana. I don’t think it’s going to work out. They’re talking about Affliction doing all the boxing gear and everything else. When I looked around the room while they were doing the press conference, there wasn’t one person wearing anything of a shirt, hat or pants that had anything to do with boxing. You go to an MMA event, it’s a lifestyle, everybody is in MMA clothing. I think it’s going to be a lesson to both. I think they’re in for some surprises.”