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Frank Mir Talks TUF, Likes Couture Against Lesnar

Frank Mir recently sat down with Dave Meltzer to discuss TUF 8, fighting his personal hero, and Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture. Below are some of the hightlights from their conversation:

Mir On The Quality Of Fighters On TUF 8:

“I think all 16 will be able to hang on as at least regular preliminary fighters. Maybe three or four guys will end up becoming household names. This isn’t like some of the other seasons where only a few guys could win. You put these guys in a tournament 10 times, and you could get 10 different sets of winners. That’s how close the talent was.”

Mir On The Mystery Fighter That Dana White Refers To As The Next Anderson Silva:

“The only thing is, you won’t be seeing a lot of him inside the cage.”

Mir On His Opposing Coach Antonio Nogueira:

“The guy (Nogueira) is everything I thought he would be. He’s a complete professional, very honorable and a very well-schooled student of the game. He studies everything in MMA, boxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.”

Mir On Craziness At The House:

“Some practices, it would take 30 minutes before we would get started because the fighters had to tell me everything going on in the house,” he said. “There were some things (in fights) that nearly had to be taken to the athletic commission. One time I was so stunned I couldn’t even react.”

Mir On Lesnar’s Title Shot Opportunity:

“I think that Lesnar’s name is the only reason he’s getting a title match. I understand why. A ton of people are going to tune into it. I know I am. But it is a business. Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with. He’s a super strong, fast guy with great wrestling. But two years of training and three fights won’t bode him well against Randy Couture. He (Couture) was the same level of great wrestler 12 and 15 years ago and now he’s an accomplished mixed martial artist who outstruck Chuck Liddell when they fought the first time.”

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