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Anthony Johnson Loses Appeal

Anthony Johnson lost his appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Johnson was appealing his his highly controversial TKO loss to Kevin Burns which took place this past July 19.

“Based on advice from the Nevada Attorney General’s office, the appeal was rejected due to lack of remedy,” said NSAC official Keith Kizer via MMA Frenzy.

Johnson had suffered multiple inadvertant eye pokes throughout the course of the fight and finally succomb to a particularly viscious poke in the third and final round. The poke sent Johnson reeling to the canvas while covering his face. He was unable to continue and Burns was awarded the victory. Johnson, however, was leading on all scorecards at the time and many felt that he should have been awarded the victory.

As broken here at, Steve Mazzagatti actually apologized to Johnson personally for missing the call and admitted that Johnson should have been awarded the victory.

It’s unfortunate for Johnson that the commission doesn’t have the jurisdiction to change the outcome of this fight, but the UFC has a history of righting fighters who have been wronged by technicalities so you can bet that Johnson will be treated like the victor by Joe Silva in his match making decisions for the fighter.