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UFC 88 Results – Evans KO’s Liddell

Welcome to’s free live blow-by-blow coverage of UFC 88 brought to you as always by YahooSports PPV. We’ll have quick results for all of the under card fights and live blow-by-blow coverage of the entire main card.


Rashad Evans defeats Chuck Liddell via KO Round 2

Rich Franklin defeats Matt Hamill via TKO Round 3

Dan Henderson defeats Rousimar Palhares via Unanimous Decision

Nate Marquardt defeats Martin Kampmann via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Dong Hyun Kim defeats Matt Brown via Split Decision

Kurt Pellegrino defeats Thiago Tavares
via unanimous decision

Tim Boetsch defeats Mike Patt via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Jason MacDonald defeats Jason Lambert via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2

Ryo Chonan defeats Roan Carneiro via Split Decision

Main Card:

Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans (205-pound limit)

Round one: Evans crouched low looking for a shot. Evans light on his feet not standing in one spot too long. Chuck stalking Evans. Chuck with a right to the chin. Evans on his heels looking to avoid Lidells range. Big right hook from Evans and that punch had some giddy up on it. Lidell answers with a good right. Lidells being patient. Leg kick from Evans. Left hook from Evans. LIdell misses with a right. Chuck circling and stalking. Rashad just dancing and staying out of range, Leg kick from Evans. Nice right hook from Evans and Chuck lands a jab. Nice right from Lidell. Chuck with a small cut over his right eye. Lidell goes for a jab. Inside leg kick from Evans and Lidell lands a left hook, Lidell with an uppercut. Evans backed into a corner but he dances out. Chuck with a roundhouse head kick to end the round. Chuck has a big mouse underneath his eye, That was a close round it could go either way. Id say Chuck 10-9.

Round two: Evans corner tells him hes pissing off Chuck by dancing around his punches. It seems his strategy is to bob and weave. Good kick from Chuck and then a right. Rashad lands two good lefts. Lidell with a right and hes backing him into a corner. Evans just dances away. NIce left hook from Evans. Evans just misses a right and now hes seeming alot more confident. OMG Evans throws a HUGE right and Chuck Lidell is OUT COLD. A ONE PUNCH KO FROM RASHAD EVANS. CHUCK LIDELL IS LYING ON THE FLOOR AND NOT RESPONDING. EVANS KNOCKS OUT LIDELL WITH ONE PUNCH!!!! OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW. EVANS COLDCOCKED LIDELL. 3 MINUTES AFTER THE PUNCH AND LIDELL IS STILL OUT COLD. UNBELIEVABLE.

Final result:

Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill

Round one: Hamill circling Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. Franklin with another leg kick looking to create distance. Hamill with a leg kick then jab. Uppercut from Hamill. Franklin leg kick. Jab from Franklin and then a leg kick. Right from Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. Jab from Hamill. Franklin cut above his eye, he lands a leg kick. Hamill surprisingly not trying to take Rich down. Leg kick from Franklin. Both fighters exchange rights. Leg kick from Franklin. Body shot from Franklin and Hamill with a take down. Rich now going for an armbar but Hamill breaks free. Hamill is now cut also. BIG knee on the way up from Franklin. Another big knee from Franklin. Thats the bell. Somewhat unspectacular 1st rd, id give it to Franklin 10-9 but it could go either way.

Round two: Leg kick from Franklin and Hamill catches the leg briefly. BIg head kick from Rich and a good right hook to follow. The fight is stopped to cut away a flap of skin from Franklins cut. Nice combo from Franklin. Franklin body kick. Jab and uppercut from Hamill. Big head kick from Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. The ref stops it from a kick to the groin from Franklin. Front kick from Hamill. Head kick from Franklin and a good right left combo. Hamill needs to get this to the ground hes just eating kicks and punches. Now their clinched up against the fence and Rich lands a kick. Jab from Hamill. Body kick from Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. Uppercut from Hamill but theres nothing behind it. Body kick from Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. Leg kick from Franklin. Hamill catches a leg but doesnt capitalize and lets Franklin go. Hamill is just standing there like a sparring partner and not going for take downs. Hamill catches Franklins leg again but does nothing with it but just hold it out there. Thats the bell. Franklin is picking Hamill apart hes not doing anything to win the fight. Hes not trying take downs or throwing good punches hes just circling and standing there. His game plan is confusing. 10-9 Franklin.

Round three: Hamill has no urgency. Body kick from Franklin. Knee to the body from Franklin and a kick, and Franklin lands a HUGE liver kick and Hamill goes down. Thats it its all over Franklin wins. Franklin looked impressive on his feet, but in all fairness Hamill looked horrible the whole night. No striking and only 2 take down attempts. Hamill looked more like a sparring partner than he did a contender. Franklin with a great showing, but I think Matt Hamill took a step back in his progression as a fighter. The big stage might have gotten to him but the stand out wrestler didnt fight to his strengths and basically just stood and took punishment from Franklin. Nice win for Franklin, Hamill needs some work.

Final result:

Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares

Round one: Hendo with a low crouched stance looking to counter the shot of Palhares early. His right is cocked. Palhares shoots and Hendo lands a big right and then Hendo starts swinging for the fences and almost gets caught in a submission. Back to the feet and Palhares shoots and is stuffed. Stuffed again by Hendo. Palhares switches to southpaw. Big body kick from Hendo and a big right from Hendo. Wheel kick from Palhares. Palhares shoots and misses. Hendo is looking to counter the shot with his big right, Head kick from Palhares. Good jab from Palhares and Hendo just misses a HUGE right. Lazy head kick from Palhares. Jab from Palhares. Palhares charges and Hendo lands a BIG right hook. Palhares is down. Palhares back to the feet and throws 3 wild kicks. WOW great action. Hendo locked and cocked with the right. Jab from Palhares. Good jab from Hendo. Palhares back to righty stance. Palhares shoots and gets on top of Hendo. 30 seconds left. Palhares moves to half guard and Hendo holding onto his head. Hendo will wait out the round, good defense from Hendo. Palhares just missed locking in a knee bar but the bell stopped him. 10-9 Hendo do to his BIG right from the feet.

Round two: Jab from Hendo. Palhares shoots and misses then goes for a head kcik and Hendo ducks and tosses him to the ground. Palhares shoots and picks up Hendo and lands a HUGE slam. WOW that looked like a power bomb what a great take down. Palhares postures up and Hendo goes for a triangle and now Palhares locked in a heel hook!!! Hendo though throws a big right and slips out. Back to the feet. Hendo with a left and big right. Front kick from Palhares. Palhares shoots and now Hendo gets on top and lands a right. Hendo now covering Palhares mouth trying to disrupt his breathing. Hendo with a right from the top. Palhares with full guard. Palhares looking to sweep Hendo. Hendo still trying to interrupt his breathing. Herb Dean stands them up. Both fighters getting their breath. Good right from Hendo. Leg kick from Palhares. Head kick from Palhares. Hendo misses a BIG right to end the round. Once again id give it to Hendo 10-9.

Round three: Jab from Hendo. Jab from Palhares. Hendo with an uppercut and Palhares lands a heel kick. Jab from Palhares. Back to southpaw from Palhares. Head kick missed from Palhares. Hendo with a jab. Sprawl from Hendo then a glancing right. Jab from Hendo stops a shot. BIG right from Hendo and another. Over the top right from Palhares. Big right from Hendo. Palhares swinging wildly. Hendo looking for a spot to use his big right. The fans are booing. Big left from Hendo. 2 minutes left. The pace has slowed to a crawl. BIG right from Hendo and Palhares tries to land one of his own. Shot from Palhares and he sprawls out and their back to the feet. Big right from Hendo. Jab from Palhares. Palhares needs to go for broke. Big right from Hendo and Palhares now gets a leg, but Hendo slips out again. Jab from Palhares he doesnt seem desperate enough. Palhares shoots and Hendo sprawls out once again. BIG right from Hendo and now he lands two more BOMBs while Palhares is on the ground. Thats the bell. Hendo had to have won this 30-27, he sprawled and brawled the whole fight to perfection and comes out with a win.

Final result: Dan Henderson defeats Rousimar Palhares via Unanimous Decision

Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann

Round one: The two come out to a small felling out period. Big left landed by Kampmann. Huge leg kick to the head by Marquardt. Now Marquardt is all over Kampmann. He’s landing huge blows. Kampmann is in big trouble. He’s not gonna last the round. It’s all over. Marquardt takes it via TKO.

Final result: Nate Marquardt defeats Martin Kampmann via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Matt Brown vs. Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim

Round one:Matt Brown vs. Dong Hyun “Stun Gun” Kim (170-pound limit)

Round one: Leg kick from Brown. Nice left from Kim now Brown goes for a clinch and Kim takes him to the ground. Brown scrambles but gives his back to Kim and Kim gets the hooks. Brown is out and back to his feet, but Kim has his back again and locks in a rear naked but Brown slips out. Brown escapes once again but Kim AGAIN jumps onto his back right away. Brown on his feet now bending over and Kim is slipping off. Now Brown gets Kim to the ground and Brown is on top. Knee to the body from Brown. Head kick from Brown and another big left kick that lands flush on Kim. Brown misses a HUGE spinning back fist. Kim now going for a take down but Brown stifles his attempt and now Brown lands a knee from the clinch and their locked up against the fence. Kim goes for a judo throw and Brown winds up on top and now Brown is sinking in a choke, but Kim can slip out. Brown lets it go and spins but now Kim has his back again and hes looking for hooks. Thats the bell, Brown came on strong late in the round but id give that one 10-9 to Kim as he was constantly looking for submissions.

Round two: Brown overwhelmed Kim in the early part of the round with solid striking. The two clinched for the majority of the middle of the round and Kim looks tired. Brown continues to press the action. Kim looks very tired and Brown is working his ground and pound to great effect, landing huge elbows and hammerfists. Brown takes that round 10-9.

Round three: Brown comes out smiling and the crowd loves it. The two exchange briefly before the fight is stopped. Brown forgot his mouthpiece. Now they go back at it. The two are exchanging pot shots at center ring. Now Kim shoots and gets side control. Kim almost passes but Brown is up and lands a nice knee. Brown has Kim against the fence and continues to press Kim. Big left from Kim that lands solid. Now Kim scores a takedown. He’s landing pot shots from the top. Nothing significant landed, but Kim’s holding position. Kim lands some nice elbows that cut Brown Brown’s bloody. I got to give that round to Kim 10-9. If my scoring holds, Kim wins the fight via decision.

Final result: Dong Hyun Kim defeats Matt Brown via Split Decision