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Rich Franklin Talks Moving Up To 205, Matt Hamill

Rich Franklin recently sat down with our friend Mark Chalifoux of the Balimore Sun to discuss a wide variety of topics including

Franklin On Moving Up To 205:

“I was talking to the UFC after the second [Anderson] Silva loss and they encouraged me to move up to 205. They told me my position there would be more appealing to them from a business perspective. They weren’t interested in a third match between me and Silva and they didn’t want me fighting contenders because I could eliminate possible title fights, so I was stuck in that I was going to be fighting people on the back end of their losses to Silva and I didn’t care for that gatekeeper position. After the Travis Lutter fight, I said I would try my hand at 205 again.”

Franklin On Matt Hamill:

“He’s looked great, his success doesn’t surprise me at all. Matt’s an accomplished wrestler and a competitor. The first time I met him it was before he was doing MMA and I said when you’re done wrestling and all that — he was making run for Athens games — you ought to give MMA a thought because you could be good at it … and before I knew it he was in The Ultimate Fighter and his only loss is a controversial one. He’s looked strong.”

Franklin On His Game Plan For Hamill:

I think I gotta be quick on my feet. I’m giving up some weight so he might be giving up some speed. I need to use my footwork to confuse him and stick and move and stick and move and avoid takedowns. Once he does take me down, I can’t let him lay on top of me. I need to stay active on the ground.

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