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Frank Backs Ken; Says Brother Will Beat Kimbo

Frank and Ken Shamrock aren’t exactly close. The two brothers have never gotten along that well and since the death of their adopted father the rift has grown.

“Ken and I are just two different people,” said Frank Shamrock. “We don’t really have (a relationship), we never have. After Bob (Shamrock) passed there was some resentment there on his part.

“But, I’ve never had a heart to heart conversation with the guy. He was never available and I was never a good communicator. We were too guys that never got past working out together. It’s totally bizarre. I know more about the guys I train with today than I’ve ever known about Ken. I think when we were younger Ken was a very closed off dude and I wasn’t a good communicator. Now, that’s changed for me and Ken’s changed as well but we never grew together.”

The brothers may lack a personal relationship but what they do have is a mutual respect forged through hard work and intense battles in the cage.

“After I fought professionally our relationship changed and it changed for the better,” said Frank Shamrock. “He definitely showed me more respect and my level of acknowledgment and support from him changed. That’s when I first felt that I was his brother, after I fought.”

Recently Frank, now a color commentator for CBS/EliteXC events, was asked his opinion on his brothers upcoming fight against Kimbo Slice; and though his brother has dropped his past five fights, Frank still believes that Ken Shamrock has what it takes to roll out another victory in his legendary MMA career.

“Ken has 10 times Kimbo’s ability, so if he can get just 10 percent of that, and he’s focused, he can beat him,” Frank Shamrock told Kevin Iole. “If not, he’s going to get clubbed horribly upside the head and fall down, all scary looking.”