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Quick Shot: Machida Doesn’t Plan On Going The Distance With Silva

One of the more exciting match ups at UFC 88 will feature two unbeaten Brazilian fighters with identical records. At 13-0, both Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva have racked up impressive victories against big name fighters and are looking to solidify their claim to a title shot in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Both competitors have spoken highly of one another and Machida said today that due to their respective abilities, he doubts that the fight will go the distance.

“I believe this fight won’t go to decision,” Machida told Tatame. “Thiago likes to fight aggressively, me too. He has good MMA techniques, so I believe this fight might finish before the third round.

Machida also appears focused on his training and has geared his preparations specifically toward his opponent.

“I’m training a lot, actually I hadn’t stop training since my last fight,” said Machida. “Now I’m doing a specifically training focused on Thiago, preparing my strategies and working on the physical preparation… I’m very focused.”