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Antonio Silva Addresses Drug Suspension

EliteXC heavyweight champion Antonio Silva recently tested positive for the steroid Boldenone. He was subsequently fined $2,500 and suspended for 12 months. Silva’s camp has emphatically denied the use of any banned substance and today Silva himself has broken his silence on the matter with the following statement:

“I, Antonio Silva, wish to clear up some facts regarding my involvement as a professional athlete in relation to the use of banned substances in order to improve my performance in my fight. What I have to say is that I feel the exams have really set me back, as I maintain the conviction I never used any improper substances for this fight. I will take the exams again in the best laboratories in the USA to prove to the media, EliteXC, and mainly to my fans that I am innocent. Last year I underwent surgery to remove a tumor, as I suffered from “Acromegalia”, for which I spent over 100 thousand reais on hospital, doctors, airplane tickets, medication and 20-days stay in the city of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro. After surgery my case was followed by an endocrinologist who is controlling my hormones, as up until I got the tumor, my GH (Growth Hormone) was very high and threw off the balance of all my hormones, since my GH count was equal to that of five men. So I know in my conscience that I can never take any type of steroid, as it could throw my hormonal levels off again after everything has been normalized.

Besides loving my profession, I love life even more and I know that taking any type of steroid could risk my life. I want to make it clear it is only a question of time before I prove I took no product aside from natural ones and three injections prescribed by my doctor to control my GH. And after that I will take a stance in regards to the exams being performed. I take exams periodically and some days before my fight I took blood exams to see what my hormonal levels were like, and the doctor told me my testosterone was very high and my GH had dropped a lot, but was not yet at the level of a normal person, who has never had acromegalia. Besides not being able to take steroids, I also do not need to, because I am privileged in how my body produces high levels of hormones naturally. Soon I will let everyone know I am right and that I am a true champion, I don’t need to use steroids to win.”