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Dan Henderson Talks UFC Vs PRIDE, Anderson Silva, More

Dan Henderson recently sat down with to discuss a variety of issues including his adjustment to the UFC from PRIDE, his last loss to Anderson Silva, and his upcoming fight at UFC 88 with highly regarded Rousimar Palhares.

Henderson On Coming To The UFC From PRIDE:

“I don’t think anyone else has had as tough a first two fights back in the UFC as I have, and that’s the way I prefer it. I want to fight the best in the world, to test my skills and see how I am. You win some, you lose some; unfortunately, I’ve lost the last two. I’m definitely going out there this fight [with Palhares] to win and take nothing less than winning.

“I think having lost my last two fights, I definitely need to get back in there and win this one for sure. I think Wanderlei Silva was in a similar situation, except for he’d lost three in a row. But again, the three that he lost were against three top guys. Then they put him against Jardine and he was kind of with his back to the wall and he went out there and took care of business, so I guess I got to follow his lead.”

Henderson On His Loss To Anderson Silva:

“I didn’t quite do the weight cut as I was planning—I overshot it by three pounds, That’s my own fault. I normally like to lose five or six pounds at weigh-ins. I was eight pounds over and I ended up losing 11. It came off a little bit too easy—but again, it’s just not good to do. And who knows, that could have been a reason. Or could have been just not a good night for me in general.”

Henderson On His Upcoming Fight With Rousimar Palhares At UFC 88:

“Yeah, that’s pretty much all Palhares has is submissions,” Henderson says. “I try to come up with a game plan not to fight right in the guy’s strengths, so obviously I’m going to be trying to stay up on my feet with him. I just see myself knocking him out. I was pretty pissed at my last performance and I’m probably going to be a little bit pissed when I go out there and fight this guy. I’m ready to do a 15-minute grappling match with him if I have to, but I’m not going to lose.”