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Chuck Liddell On Fighting Fedor Emelianenko

Chuck Liddell recently stopped by to chat with the boys over at The Light’s Out Show. He discussed a variety of issues including a possible move up to heavyweight, fighting Fedor, title shots and much more. Below are a few interesting quotes from their conversation:

Liddell On Moving Up In Weight:

“I can’t go down. I don’t think it’s possible for me, but going up is always a possibility.”

Liddell On Fighting Fedor:

“I’m up for it.”

Liddell On Light Heavyweight Title:

“I’m the logical choice (after this fight).”

Liddell On Lyoto Machida:”

“He’s a tough kid. I would put pressure on him and make him throw punches. Eventually, they’re going to catch up to him.”

“Liddell On How Much Longer He’ll Continue Fighting:”

“Two to four years…As long as my body holds up…Hopefully, in two years, I’m still saying two to four years.”

Liddell On Leaving The UFC:

“The UFC has been very good to me. They have all the best fighters at my weight and that’s where I want to be. I don’t see me changing anytime soon.”

In this volume of The Lights Out Show, in partnership with and Tagg Radio, Chris Fries and The JDH also discussed the following topics:

VOLUME 150 Headlines:

– Denis Kang back in action in a Big Way

– Mike Swick jumps in, then out of the cage

– Tito Ortiz: There’s no place like home

– Night’s fallen on Jason Day

– Rumor Mill: Jake Shields vs Shinya

– Sean Sherk’s next fight confirmed. It
will be HUGE

– Lil Evil is back in business

– Affliction hasn’t learned from past mistakes

– Strikeforce adds a ‘Back Breaker’ to the Mansion card

– Kenny Florian gets table scraps

– Josh Thomson won’t be risking his belt
anytime soon

– Interview with ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell

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