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The State Of EliteXC-CBS III – Is KJ Noons Ducking Nick Diaz?

Much has been made of EliteXC’s decision to cancel their Showtime event scheduled for Sept. 20. Many media outlets are pointing to this as a sign of EliteXC’s possible demise. However, EliteXC VP Jared Shaw says the organization is aware that their future rests heavily on their third CBS prime time event, a statement Shaw has echoed since before their first CBS show.

“Like I said from the beginning, this third show is make or break and we must make,” Shaw told “That’s why we cleared Sept. 20; so we could clear the runway for an enormous landing on Oct. 4.”

As to what that proposed “enormous landing” entailed; Shaw offered the following:

“We’re focusing all of our efforts on CBS Saturday Night Fights III featuring Kimbo Slice, featuring Gina Carano and featuring some other top notch high level fights. You will see a championship fight on that card. We can’t announce who just yet, but it will be a spectacular fight. We’re also working on an opponent for Kimbo and right now it’s a three horse race.”

One of those horses has been confirmed as Brett Rogers, but other sources close to this fight say that it’s highly unlikely for CBS’s third prime time card. Instead, look for Sean Gannon, the only man to ever defeat Kimbo in a street fight, to fill the slot opposite Kimbo.

Shaw also stated that EliteXC has offered KJ Noons a fight with Nick Diaz on the card, however Noons has been reluctant to sign.

“We can’t get KJ Noons to sign the fight contract,” said Shaw. “Nick’s the number one contender, this is the fight the fans want to see and it’s time for KJ Noons to step up and defend his belt. While we haven’t heard from KJ specifically, his camp is giving us every indication and reason to believe that Noons does not want this fight against Nick Diaz and I don’t know if he’s scared or what his ploy is but right now he’s got to be a man of his word, honor his contract and honor the fact that he’s a champion. A true champion takes on all challengers.”

Shaw believes that Noons is getting bad advice from manager Mark Dion, who recently won an arbitration hearing after a dispute against Brandon Vera. Vera fired Dion after almost a year of inactivity.

“Right now Mark Dion is overplaying his hand or just plain doesn’t know what the (explitive) he’s doing, said Shaw regarding Dion. “This is text book mismanagement. He may cost his client the opportunity of a lifetime to fight live on national television. There’s a reason why Brandon Vera, after sitting out a year from the UFC, got rid of his manager. Dana White and I don’t see eye to eye on anything but we probably agree on what we think of Mark Dion. It’s a four letter word and you usually go to the bathroom to do it.”

“He’s complaining that we’re trying to beat his guy…this is the fight game and Noon’s is the champion, if he doesn’t understand that then he needs to get out of this game. Then he’s talking about leaving MMA to go box. As an MMA fighter KJ Noons is a champion, as a boxer he’s nothing more than a pretender.”

A sentiment that seems to be shared within the Shaw family as evidenced by the fact that Jared Shaw’s father Gary Shaw, an EliteXC consultant and famed boxing promoter recently released Noons from his boxing contract.

“Gary Shaw showed what he thinks of KJ Noons as a boxer,” said Shaw. “He released him from his boxing contract last week.”