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Lesnar Emerging, May Face Kongo

On the back of a very dominant and thoroughly impressive victory at UFC 87; Brock Lesnar looks to stand eye to eye with Cheick Kongo in the next stage of his epic journey into the realm of MMA.

This will be a really good test for both athletes and I personally would love it if they sign, seal and deliver this battle.

Kongo is a guy when totally focused could do some serious damage, I don’t doubt that, but I’m thinking he has too many holes in his game. Herring subtly managed to show us one thing about Kongo, he doesn’t like the ground. It totally nullifies his striking game plan and let’s be honest – that’s where he impresses.

To even begin talking about titles in post fight interviews, he needs to show proper respect to the sport and tweak his game to include the ground, and in huge detail.

Only then, when we see him demonstrating a new catalog of skills in the ring, can he proclaim his need for a title shot. Until then he’s at a crossroads.

Unfortunately for him the road he’s driving on is headed straight towards Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar is not going to contemplate swerving to the side.

Many people consider Lesnar to be on the verge of becoming one of the top competitors in the company’s heavyweight division. I find it hard to disagree and I’ll tell you why.

He absolutely dominated Heath Herring last weekend! There are no ifs, buts or maybes here; he clinically annihilated him.

Now, I know that there are doubters out there who are of the opinion that this was nothing more than a lay and pray victory for Brock. The other most common criticism I’ve heard is that, just like Kongo, if he was disciplined enough to get his BJJ up to another level he could have finished Herring in the first round.

There are a lot of interested parties looking in on Lesnar’s progress and a huge difference in opinion will flourish regardless, that’s understandable, but let’s look at the Lesnar situation from another point of view. This monster has only had two fights in the UFC. The first fight was against a former heavyweight champion in Frank Mir and the second was with the tough veteran Heath Herring.

And let’s not beat around the bush here, Lesnar was tearing Mir a new face when his inexperience showed up and allowed Mir to lock in a kneebar. The Herring fight was the icing on the Lesnar cake. He slowed down and took his time and absolutely assured himself of victory. Everyone expected him to come out and go straight for the takedown so it’s fair to say he surprised us all – especially Herring – when he exploded from his corner and landed a right hand that would have put a middleweight into the middle of next Thursday. This sent Heath a huge message; do not even try to stand with me! In the back of Heath’s mind all he could think about was how hard he had just been hit, human nature taught him to curl up and protect himself. This is exactly what Lesnar wanted; then he could dominate. It wasn’t brute strength that beat Heat Herring. It was intelligence, and intelligence is the reason that Lesnar could go all the way in this industry. Some people need to look behind the muscle.

Vitor Belfor Out Against Matt Lindland:

I was absolutely distraught to read that Vitor Belfort was out of the fight with Matt Lindland. This was an encounter that I, along with a huge percentage of the MMA community, were extremely looking forward to.

Vitor performed incredibly well in his last outing in the Affliction card and looked to be ready to establish himself at 185 for the foreseeable future. Perhaps setting up some incredibly exciting matches down the line.

Unfortunately it looks like the old Belfort curse has reappeared and after a fourth opinion on a broken hand, he has decided to withdraw from the upcoming October 11th card.

Jake Shields Filling In For Belfort Against Lindland?

Heads are turning now in the direction of, quite possibly, Jake Shields to be the man to step up and take Belfort’s place against Lindland.

Nothing whatsoever has been confirmed but sources are strongly of the opinion that Shields has been asked to step up in weight and take on a top ranked middleweight and Shields is apparently going through the gears of getting EliteXC to allow this fight to happen.

Could this fight be at “Day of Reckoning”? Let’s wait and find out. Certainly feels like this particular situation has some exciting developments ahead.

War Of Words: Cro Cop Vs. Overeem

The war of words that first burst onto the scene several months ago between Mirko Filipovic and Alistair Overeem seems to have had a temperature increase in recent days as “CroCop” officially called the out the Dutchman in a preferred Dream.6 matchup. Mirko has a lot to prove to his fans and indeed himself after his performances over the past year and it may very well be that Overeem is on the receiving end of a typically devastating “CroCop” performance.

On the other hand, he may not be. Alistair has serious game and in my opinion is about to peak in this business. He’s someone I’ve always found very exciting to watch when he is “switched on” so to speak. It seemed in the past that his main issue was performing consistently.

This has the makings to be an all out stand up war, one which could provide us with one of the most exciting matches of the year, if all goes according to plan.

The ring is Mirko’s domain. He has an intense edge to his game when he can cut opponents off and deliver those crushing kicks. Not that Overeem would run of course, but in all honesty if Filipovic can apply enough pressure on Alistair and return to his more successful aggressive nature then it’s difficult to see past a Croatian victory. It will be a very exciting fight nonetheless. Let’s hope Dream can make this one happen.

Starstruck: UFC’s New Years Eve Show

The UFC’s biggest show of the year, New Year’s Eve, looks to have the potential of being the biggest show in MMA history if recent reports are anything to go by.

Frank Mir takes on Antonio Nogueira in what will be probably the best heavyweight BJJ match up the UFC has ever produced.

It looks increasingly likely that BJ Penn vs. Georges St Pierre II will also take place on the card. And with the possibility of Wanderlei Silva, Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin making fighting appearances we could very well be on course to witness one of the greatest nights in MMA history.

Couldn’t get any better than that could it?

Well that’s what I thought too! I then read Jason Perkins’ post earlier that NBCSports are reporting the possibility of an Anderson Silva-Chuck Liddell bout for the very same card. If this match up were to take place it would officially make it the most stacked card ever.

A card like this would solidify the fact that this sport has absolutely exploded. So many top class fighters, so many top class draws, unrivaled production and the incredible atmosphere would make this a night to remember; a night that could quite possibly be the single biggest selling PPV in the company’s history.