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Quinton Jackson’s Arraignment Postponed

The arraignment of UFC superstar and former light-heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been postponed pending further investigation. The arraignment was scheduled for Friday.

Jackson, 30, was arrested on July 15 in Costa Mesa, Calif. on offenses of felony evading, reckless driving, and hit-and-run charges. Jackson’s Ford pick-up truck was seen jumping street medians, swerving onto sidewalks, and “caused pedestrians to flea in terror” according to a Costa Mesa Police Dept. report. Jackson also collided with several other vehicles.

“The district attorney’s office is responsible for filing charges and that case is still under investigation based on some new evidence that has been discovered,” said Farrah Emami, spokesperson for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. The news comes from Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt.

“There were different incidents that occurred in different jurisdictions. There was Highway Patrol, there was Costa Mesa, there was Newport Beach. We’re looking at all of this as one potential case,” said Emami. “The recommendations of the police are taken into consideration, but it could be more charges or less charges, depending on what the evidence reports.”

Jackson was released on $25,000 bail shortly after the incident, but was again detained by police the next day after reports from acquaintances claimed he was “acting erratically”. Jackson was then placed under 72-hour watch at a local mental facility.

In his first public appearance since the incident, Jackson was speaking positively at the UFC 87 press conference.

“Everybody goes though a little something,” Jackson told the crowd. “UFC’s got my back. I’m doing good.”

UFC President Dana White maintains that “Rampage’s” rampage was caused by a combination of lack of sleep, lack of food, and the consumption of energy drinks.

“He hung out in Vegas for a week,” said White. “He was hanging out by the pool and he was fasting, and he wasn’t drinking, he wasn’t eating. And he was drinking energy drinks.”

Stay tuned to for updates on the continuing saga of “Rampage” Jackson, and for all the latest news from the world of MMA.