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Josh "The Punk" Thomson Talks Anthony Johnson, Frank Shamrock, And Much More

Earlier this evening, I had the great pleasure of joining Larry Pepe of Pro MMA Radio for some post UFC 87 fight talk. We touched on a variety of issues including reactions from the event and the latest regarding rumors and possible match-ups for many of its participants. Click here to check out the audio from the show.

After our segment, Pep also welcomed in Josh “The Punk” Thomson, who had a number of very interesting takes on everything from Anthony Johnson’s recovery to his budding feud with Frank Shamrock. Below are just a few of the highlights from this very candid interview:

Thomson On Teammate Anthony Johnson:

“He’s good. He just had surgery last week and he’s just been recovering from that and taking it one day at a time.”

Thomson On MMA’s Need For Instant Replay:

“In these types of situations there should be some sort of instant replay where the ref’s and the commissions or doctors can be involved and say that it’s something that they can overturn right there on the spot.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone react that way in a fight. Obviously something happened and there needs to be some kind of replay…and I like Mazzagatti but come on, the guys been poked in the eye three or four times already and the guy was warned for it and now the fight ends on the same thing. It was pretty obvious.

Thomson On Fighting At Strikeforce’s Next Playboy Mansion Event:

“Yes, I’m scheduled to fight. It doesn’t mean they’ll find an opponent. Given the situation right now…it’s always been tough to find opponents for me. Right now we’re looking over in Japan to possibly bring over a guy to fight me. We’ve been put in a situation where we’re only five weeks out so it makes it harder.

Thomson On His Feud With Frank Shamrock:

I think Frank has a little animosity towards me because, I don’t know, I’m better looking than him? I don’t know what it is, but he’s got some animosity towards me which I can understand because I’m a new up-and-comer in the San Jose area and potentially he’s a little jealous about that. You know, maybe some girl he tried sleeping with didn’t want him because she wanted me, I don’t know.

The whole thing really started when he left AKA. When he left AKA I think that he thought all the fighters were going to go with him when in reality all the fighters stayed with Javier. We stayed where the talent was. I wasn’t about to let someone like Frank Shamrock manage my career and throw my career down the drain. There was no way I was going to leave (AKA) to go with (Frank). And I’ve seen the things he’s done with his fighters since he’s left. All of his guys, some of them left AKA as amateurs and left to go train with him and their career now has turned to shit, and when they left they were great fighters.

Thomson On Fighting Frank Shamrock:

If we can possibly find a catch weight. I wouldn’t mind fighting him at say… 180, 170. I’d fight him as high as 180, I’d like to keep it at say…177 if he can make the weight, I know he can. If we could do it at 170, 175 I’d even go as high as 180 to fight him. I don’t see a problem with it, I think I’m obviously a better wrestler than him and he knows that. His stand up, he’s obviously got a little more power in the legs. And possibly in the hands, but I think that my stand up is cleaner and crisper than his and he’s gonna have to get after me to land the shots. I think I have all the tools to beat him. It’s up to him to sign the fight, it’s up to him.

To check out the rest of this interview with Josh Thomson, including his thoughts on KJ Noons, BJ Penn, Kenny Florian and much more, click here.