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UFC 87: Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring

Brock Lesnar vs. Heath Herring

Lesnar came to the cage first. Huge ovation for the hometown favorite. Clay Guida’s in the front row taking pictures. Gotta love the guy.

Round 1: Lesnar came out with a flying knee, hit a right hand that knocked Herring down and tumbled him backwards and then got a headlock on Herring against the cage. Herring is cut already. They went back to the middle of the cage and Lesnar immediately took Herring down again. Lesnar rocked Herring with knees to the body. Lesnar is looking way more composed than his fight with Frank Mir. Lesnar landed more hard knees to Herring. Lesnar absolutely dominated this round, 10-8 for Lesnar.

Jesse Ventura was shown at ringside.

Round 2: Lesnar got side control on Herring early. On the ground Lesnar was dropping some hard knees. Herring got up back took some hard knees to the abdomen. Lesnar finished the round strong again, 10-9 for Lesnar.

Round 3: Lesnar started with a big kick. Herring got Lesnar against the cage but Lesnar turned it around and landed a couple of more knees to Herring. Lesnar got full mount but Heath scrambled out. Lesnar took Herring back down and got full mount in the closing seconds. Lesnar showboated and started getting some boos from the crowd. Another 10-9 round for Lesnar. Complete domination from Lesnar.

Winner via unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring it 30-26: Brock Lesnar