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Brock Lesnar Talks Ultimate Fighting And Extreme Pain

Minnpost has an article with Brock Lesnar talking about ultimate fighting and extreme pain. Here are some excerpts:

On Pain: “I would have to say that this is probably at the top end of things not to do to your body. It’s very demanding on the body. Every day, you come in and … some days you don’t want to be in here. You have to push yourself through those days.”

On Ultimate Fighting: “I think fighting is here to stay. Look at boxing, it’s still here to stay and it’s been around for many years. Everything’s got its ups and downs, and right now we’re at the peak. Right now, business is good. For me, obviously, I don’t fight for peanuts and I don’t think anybody wants to. … This is prize fighting.”

On Fighting’s Intrigue: “Everybody understands fighting. One guy gets hit, that guy goes down. There’s no scoring system. One guy hits, one guy falls. Men, women — you look at some of the people in the stands, the girls show up. Girls have been showing up for boxing forever. There’s women boxing, there’s women wrestling and there’s women fighting.

“So I think it’s something where it’s new and it’s exciting, and people can understand it. I think that’s why pro wrestling got so intriguing to people: One guy is good, one guy is bad. That’s how you walk through life every day. ‘Gosh, I don’t like that guy. I wish I could …’ Everybody has somebody they dislike.”

You can check out the full article at Minnpost by clicking here.

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