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BJ Penn To Bounce Between UFC Light And Welterweight Divisions

Our good friends over at MMAWeekly cought up with BJ Penn to get his reaction on comments offered up yesterday by UFC President Dana White.

White stated yesterday that he didn’t forsee Penn moving up to welterweight unless Georges St. Pierre wins this weekend against Jon Fitch.

“I don’t think he’ll get the winner of Fitch and GSP, said White. “He wants to fight GSP if GSP wins the title. GSP has a win over him. He wants to try to beat GSP. I don’t think he’d move up if Fitch won.”

Penn clarified his thoughts on moving up to face the winner of the welterweight championship fight, who ever it may be, today.

“I’d feel okay facing anyone for the welterweight title. Jon Fitch is a great opponent, a tough opponent, but St. Pierre brings the whole backing of Canada with him to a fight,” Penn told MMAWeekly. “Fan base, this sport, it’s entertainment. It would be great to put on a big fight with me and St-Pierre, but then again, it’s about me fighting the best fighter and if Fitch goes down and proves he’s the best fighter, then he’s the man.”

Penn also stated that he would like to move between light and welterweights; something that appears to be in vogue for today’s elite MMA fighters.

“I’d like to fight welterweight and lightweight at the same time if I could,” said Penn. “I’m moving up to the welterweight division and moving down to defend the lightweight title.”