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Brock Lesnar Talks Kimbo, Frank Mir, Heath Herring And Much More

Brock Lesnar was good enough to take some time out of preparing for his fight with Heath Herring to sit down with our good friend Larry Pepe of Lesnar opened up to Pepe and was very candid about a number of topics. Check out some of the following quotes:

Lesnar On Kimbo:

Kimbo is CBS and Elite XC’s marketing tool. The UFC promotes fighters and in return they become superstars. Kimbo showed his true self in his last fight. I don’t even know who he fought, that’s how popular it was.

Lesnar On His Fight With Frank Mir:

“I was winning the fight and made a foolish, amateur mistake. I pretty much dominated the whole fight until the finish.

Lesnar On Referee Steve Mazzagatti:

I never received a warning and I was told in the locker room that I would. It’s just an inconsistency in the reffing by that particular referee. Every fight I watch him ref there’s just a lot of inconsistency. I thought I won the fight when they stopped it. He was raising my hand and to this day I’ve never seen someone get their hand raised (unless they’ve won).”

Lesnar On His Upcoming Fight With Heath Herring:

“I don’t feel threatened by him at all. I really don’t. Supposedly he’s coming in heavier and in better condition, but we’ve all heard that before. He’s not a good wrestler at all.”

Click here to head over to and listen to this very insightful interview with Brock Lesnar.