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Mayhem Miller On Jacare: ""He punches like a girl, he kicks like a girl."

In the newest edition of The Light’s Out Show, the fellas interview Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Below are some interesting quotes from this hilarious interview:

In the wake of Nick Diaz saying he has not been paid from DREAM, we asked Jason if he had similar problems:

“No, no problems. They’re a kick-a__ organization. Money in the bank!!”

Asking Jason if he’s looking to land a long term fight contract with a promotion:

“No. A long term deal is like being married. You can’t go around bangin’ other chicks.”

Asking Jason why he chose not to sign with The UFC when given the opportunity:

“At the time they offered me the deal, it wasn’t the workable deal, so I did my own thing. It can be scary for a fighter to do that because if you’re not with The UFC people look at you like you’ve got leprosy, but I’m not worried about it. I’m able to make money, and let’s face it, you’ve got to make as much money as you can because you can’t go around punching people in the face forever.”

Describing Miller’s greatest triumph in the ring:
”I once grabbed a ring card girl’s ass between rounds.”

On his recent loss to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and if he measures up to his hype:

“He punches like a girl, he kicks like a girl. He’s good at jui jitsu…that’s it. I was stupid enough to grapple with him. That was my fault. I’m retarded. (But) I showed the world that he don’t know how to box”

Don’t miss this hilarious and candid interview with one of the most colorful fighters in MMA – all this and more in this interview with Jason “Mayhem” Miller on The Lights Out Show.

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Interview with Jason “Mayhem” Miller

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