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Thales Leites Talks Training, Dean Lister And More

Thales Leites took time out from his busy training schedule to sit down with us and answer some questions. going to face the North-American Dean Lister, Jiu Jitsu specialist, at UFN 15 – in September. Check it out:

ER:Dean Lister has beaten Jeremy Horn by submission. He is a fighter who has Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as his main weapon of attack. What did you think about the choice of this opponent and what game plan do you intend to put in practice to beat him?

TL:It’s a good choice for me. Lister is a very good fighter and tries to fight on the floor like me. It’ll be a good fight with non-stop action. I’m prepared to fight standing up, clenching and on the ground.

ER:Thales, if you win your next fight, do you believe you will be the next contender for the belt?

TL:I don’t know what they (UFC) will decide. So far everything I’ve heard about a title shot has been rumor. The UFC has to state something to be official. I believe in my potential and I’m sure the moment will come and I’m working for it.

ER:How is your training going?

TL:Excellent as ever. The team is always training together and I am increasing my conditioning and training hard to get ready 100%.

ER:Would you like to send out a message for fans and sponsors?

TL:Thank you to everyone. I feel happy to know that people support me giving good thoughts. Thank you to my sponsors. They always support me so much: MTX Áudio and SPRAWL.