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Aleksander Emelianenko Reveals The Real Reason He Was Removed From Affliction: Banned

Days after Aleksander Emelianenko was forced to withdraw from Affliction: Banned due what the CSAC termed as “failing to meet all licensing requirements”, heavy rumors persisted that Emelianenko had contracted hepatitis B and could possibly be forced into early retirement.

Aleksander spoke out today about the real reasons behind his dismissal from Affliction’s inaugural event and addressed rumored health concerns in an interview with
Below is a brief description of the interview:

In the video interview with Aleks claims that he was simply late. He says there is absolutely nothing wrong with him physically.

He says that according to the CSAC he was supposed to be tested on 13th. He only received a visa on 14th and came to US on 15th. He was hoping that they would be able to still work everything out – but apparently the CSAC is very strict on everything.

Special thanks to Stripthesoul for the translation.