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IFL Officially Sold, Will Cease Operations July 31st

In an aquisition that mirrors that of the purchase of PrideFC in 2007, possibly the biggest move ever by the UFCs parent company Zuffa LLC, the IFL Senior Vice President of communications, Joe Favorito, announced today to The Fight Network that his company has indeed been sold and will cease operations on July 31st. While the new owner is still a mystery to the media, the original rumor that it’s none other than Zuffa LLC has ben confirmed by numerous industry insiders.

While this may be a sad day for fans of the promotion who enjoyed not only it’s steady stream of up and coming fighters but it’s focus on MMA as a team sport, it can only mean brighter skys ahead for MMA fans as many of the IFLs contracted fighters will now find a new home within the UFC. Fighters such as the Dan and Jim Miller, Chris Horodecki, and Jay Hieron will now be thrown into the mix with some of the best fighters in the world. That can only mean good things for MMA fans, casual and hardcore alike.

For what it’s worth, the IFL seemed like a good idea but just never seemed to make it off the starting line. With it’s team format and formidable array of talent inside the ring as well as outside of it, the IFL certainly seemed to stand a chance against the more established MMA promotions around at the time. With their network TV deal, the first in MMA history, things seemed to be working out pretty good financially for them as well. For whatever reasons though, the numbers didn’t quite match the energy of their fighters or their events.

Still, one has to respect their tenacious spirit and this reporter takes off his hat for the now defunct company. Thanks for the memories and all of the great fights.