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Official Payout Numbers For Affliction: Banned recently obtained the official fighter earnings for Affliction: Banned. Remember, these numbers to not reflect all of a fighters earnings which may include bonuses, sponsorships and percentages of the overall PPV take or live gate.

Tim Sylvia 799,790

Fedor Emlianenko 299,800

Mark Hominick 9,890

Savant Young 6,155

Terry Martin 29,400

Vitor Belfort 139,840

Joseph Ambrose 4,394

Mike Pyle 19,840

Edwin Dewees 14,840

Antonio Nogueira 49,240

Matt Lindland 299,540

Fabio Nascimiento 19,420

Mike Whitehead 43,500

Renato Sobral 97,880

Pedro Rizzo 69,740

Josh Barnett 295,079

Andre Arlovski 749,690

Ben Rothwell 249,790

Justin Levens* 4,641

Ray Lizama* 3,490

Paul Buentello 79,098

Gary Goodridge 24,790

*Did not compete