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EXCLUSIVE: Frank Edgar Interview

Today I had the honor of talking with UFC rising star Frank “The Answer” Edgar about his recent win over Hermes Franca, his $25,000 fight-of-the-night bonus, and even a little politics. The 26 year-old Edgar boasts a 9-1 record including a notable win over Spencer Fisher and he is the only man to have ever defeated Tyson Griffin. Edgar brings a smothering ground game to the cage and with his extensive wrestling background, Edgar is a tall order for any of the UFC’s lightweight division fighters. Here’s what was said:

Matthew Brothers: “First of all Frank I want to congratulate you on your big win Saturday night over Hermes Franca, and extra congratulations for winning fight-of-the-night honors. You must be pretty happy right now.”

Frank Edgar: “Absolutely. It makes my pockets happy for sure. Thanks.”

Matt: “How did it feel to come back after your first career loss and get a victory over a former champion like Hermes, and winning a $25,000 bonus in the process?”

Frank: “It was great man. After your first loss you really get down on yourself, or I did at least and it’s great to bounce back and get back in the win column.”

Matt: “After the big win the other night are you taking a little time off or is it right back to the gym?”

Frank: “Usually I take a week but I got a little banged up and needed some stitches, but as soon as I heal up I’ll be right back in there.”

Matt: “Yeah, how’s the chin doing after that knee connected?”

Frank: “It’s all good, it’s only 10 stitches. No big problem at all.

Matt: “Now that you’re 4-1 in the UFC and you’ve had some big victories, what are your thoughts on a title shot being in your future?”

Frank: “You know, being that I lost my last fight before this one it’s tough to say. 155 is a real deep weight class so whatever the UFC has in store for me I’m cool with. I just want to keep fighting good guys and get better.”

Matt: “155 Is definitely stacked. I’m not asking you to call anyone out, but is there anyone in the division who you’d like to fight or you think you’d mesh well with stylistically?”

Frank: “Any of those top guys man, to be honest with you I get this question a lot and the only guy I want to fight is the guy who’s holding the belt. I want to fight and be a world champion someday. I know it might not be right away, but eventually that’s who I want to fight.”

Matt: “Well right now that man is BJ Penn. Break down a fight between you and BJ for me. How do you think you guys stack up against each other?”

Frank: “BJ’s tough man. I think he’s obviously the champ for a reason. I think he’s the toughest in the weight class. He’d be tough to deal with. He’s good everywhere.”

Matt: “Your lone carrer loss is to Xtreme Couture’s Gray Maynard. How important is it to you to rematch with Gray someday and get that loss back? Is that something you even think about?”

Frank: “Yeah, you kind of can’t help thinking about something like that. Everyone wants a shot at someone who beat them up before. I don’t know how soon into the future it will happen, but someday I’d like to get a rematch with Gray. In that fight everything he brought to the table I was ready for as far as wreslting goes, but that night it just didn’t go my way.”

Matt: “Now you’re working with Ricardo Almeida on your jiu-jitsu. How’s that working out for you?”

Frank: “I’ve been been with Ricardo for three and a half months now. He’s a great guy and has some awesome jiu-jitsu. He’s been in MMA for a long time. It’s been great over there.”

Matt: “How big of an advantage has it given you in Almeida’s gym being such a great wrestler? Has it been easy for you to incorporate his jiu-jitsu teachings into the MMA game?”

Frank: “He’s seen what I’ve got and he’s just making me better. He’s helping me with my jiu-jitsu game so I can get in there and submit some people.”

Matt: “So this last Saturday night there was a lot of MMA action going on. Did you catch the rest of the Fight Night card you were on?”

Frank: “Oh man, I’ll tell you Anderson Silva is a beast. I was hoping he’d get tested a little better than he did. Everyone wants to see a great fight, but he’s just so precise with everything.”

Matt: “Did you happen to catch Affliction card at all, specifically the Fedor Emelianenko/Tim Sylvia fight?”

Frank: “I didn’t see it yet but I know the result. I thought Fedor was going to win, I just didn’t think it was going to be that quick.”

Matt: “Another big match coming up that has to interest you is the Kenny Florian/Roger Huerta fight taking place in a couple weeks. Break down that fight for me.”

Frank: “I’m really bad at predictions but I think that’s going to be a great fight. I think it’s going to be a pretty high paced fight. Huerta always brings it and Florian is pretty high paced himself. They’re pretty equal on the ground. Florian probably has better jiu-jitsu skills but Huerta has really good jiu-jitsu defense so I think it’s pretty even down the middle.”

Matt: “If you had $1,000,000 riding on one of these guys who would you pick?”

Frank: “Just because of his fight experience I’ll go with Florian. He’s fought for the belt.”

Matt: “Out of these two guys, which one would you like to fight or which one do you think you match-up well with?”

Frank: “Being that both of these guys are pretty well-rounded, I think I match-up well with both of them. All my fights are pretty similar, I’ll stand as much as I can, get the takedown and stand back up and that’s kind of my game plan with everybody.”

Matt: “On a different note, I see on your website that you have a special message to your fans urging them to register to vote. I know you graduated college with a political science degree, but just how big of a part does politics play in your life?”

Frank: “Not a huge part man, but voting is something that we as U.S. citizens have a responsibility to do. A lot of people negelct to do that, everyone should get educated about the candidates and vote.”

Matt: “With that being said would you ever take a page out of Matt Lindland’s book and run for office in New Jersey after your fighting career ends?”

Frank: “You never know man. I’ve been asked that before. I’ve got a pretty big name is Toms River (NJ) so maybe someday. You never know.”

Matt: “If you’re as good a mayor as you are a fighter you got my vote. Thanks a lot for taking the time out to do this Frank. I wish you the best of luck in your fighting career.”

Frank: “Anytime man, you got it. Take care.”

You heard it here first folks, the next mayor of Toms River, New Jersey is Frank “The Answer” Edgar. Frank is truly a class act with a bright future in MMA. For all the latest updates on Frank Edgar, check out, and for all the latest news and updates from the world of MMA, keep it locked right here on