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Donald Trump Talks Affliction

Donald Trump, who owns a substantial amount of Affliction Entertainment recently sat down with our friends over at Here are some tidbits of The Donald’s take on the event:

Trump On His Overall Impression Of The Event:

“I knew the fight was going to be great. We have the best fighters who put on a great show for 15,000 hardcore fans. I thought the venue was great, Megadeth created serious energy and the production was first rate. From the undercard to the main event, I was impressed with the athleticism and abilities of all of the fighters. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner.

Trump On Fedor Emelianenko:

“Fedor is an amazing athlete. What makes him unique is that he is visually smaller than so many of the other fighters; however, unanimously he is described as the pound for pound best fighter in Mixed Martial Arts today. Based on his performance, I must agree.”

Trump On His Involvement With Affliction Entertainment:

“As I explained to you in our earlier interview, I own a substantial portion of Affliction Entertainment. I will continue to be a presence in this company and will be on site for all of our great events.”

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