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Alexander Emelianenko May Have Hepatitis B

Our friends over at have learned that Aleksander Emelianenko, who was dropped from last weekends Affliction card after failing to be cleared by the CSAC, may have Hepatitis B. An anonymous source apparently stated that the blood tests came back right before the weigh-ins confirming the result.

If this information is accurate, it is important to note that this disease does not necessarily mark the end of Emelianenko’s career. In fact, it’s quite likely that Emelianenko will be fine in a matter of months as 95% of individuals who contract this form of Hepatitis go on to clear it and build a permanent immunity.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that can be either acute or chronic. People with the acute version usually clear the infection within weeks to months and recover 100% with no further traces of the virus.

There has been no word out of Alek’s camp as to which version of the infection he’s going through, but it’s best to reserve judgment on what this means for the rest of his career until after more specific information becomes available.