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Ken Pavia To Appeal Anthony Johnson’s Loss

Through a posting on “The Underground” forum, Anthony Johnson’s agent Ken Pavia has said that he will be formally appealing the welterweight’s Saturday night TKO loss to Kevin Burns. The fight ended when the right thumb of Burns was gouged deep into the socket of Johnson. Although it was clearly an accident, Johnson was not able to continue and Burns was awarded the victory. Pavia had this to say:

“I would be remiss if I didn’t file a complaint and seek recourse for the outcome of the Anthony Johnson fight results this weekend…Anthony Johnson has accepted what has happened and has shown nothing but class through the process…This was most evident in the first round when he inadvertently kicked Kevin Burns in the groin and backed off and apologized. He didn’t call Kevin Burns out for the six or so eye gouges with an open hand or for pouncing after putting three of his finger prints on the back of his eye socket. Rumble told me he thought his eye popped out.”

Burns claimed that a previous injury to his palm prohibited him from leading with a closed fist. Both fighters showed class and disapointment over the controversial finish. If the fans are lucky, these two 170lb. warriors will lock horns in the future. Minus the eye gouging of course.