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Affliction Banned: Andrei Arlovski vs. Ben Rothwell

Andrei Arlovski (12-5-0) vs. Ben Rothwell (29-5-0)

During the ring introductions, Rothwell was booed heavily while Arlovski got a huge response from the crowd.

Round 1: Both guys looked aggressive. Arlovski scored a big takedown in the middle of the round and went for a heel hook, but Rothwell was able to get out quickly. Arlovski landed a nice exchange late in the round and looked close to finishing the fight. The round ended with Rothwell landing a big shot. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 2: The two started exchanging hard blows with Arlovski getting the better of it and once again looked like he was close to finishing it. Arlovski got Rothwell to the ground but Rothwell pulled guard. Rothwell got busted open. Both wen were able to get some good shots in. They were stoop up and Arlovski went on a tear with 10 seconds left. Arlovski landed a flurry of punches, a knee to the face and more hard shots to take the round. Great fight so far. Arlovski 10-9 with the strong finish to that round. Amazing that Rothwell didn’t get knocked out, especially after the flying knee.

Round 3: The two locked up in the corner and the fans started booing, being a little spoiled from the first two rounds. Arlovski escaped and landed another flurry of hard shots and Rothwell is out! Great fight.

Winner via KO in Round 3: Andrei Arlovski