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Affliction Banned: Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Negao

Matt Lindland (20-5-0) vs. Fabio Negao (8-3-0)

Trigg is really no holds barred on commentary. Instead of putting both fighters over, he noted that he felt that Negao is a little overrated.

Round 1: Lindland knocked Negao almost immediately and got in a guillotine. Negao was trying to get out of the choke, but Lindland kept it in. Negao was finally able to get out but Lindland maintained control. With a minute left, they went to their feet but Negao seemed pretty exhausted at this point. Both threw a few punches that didn’t seem to do much damage to close the round. If it weren’t for the last minute, I’d have scored it 10-8 for Lindland, but as it is, 10-9 Lindland.

Round 2: Lindland began the round landed some hard punches. Negao answered with a nice elbow to the head and some nice punches and the crowd started coming alive. Negao hit a few more big shots to Lindland’s surprise. Finally Lindland took Negao down to the ground after eating some hard shots from Negao. Lindland dropped a couple of nice elbows. Negao went under the ropes, seemingly to get referee Josh Rosenthal to move them to the center. The round ended with Lindland on top. Closer round, but still 10-9 for Lindland.

Round 3: Both men landed a couple of punches that didn’t do much damage. Negao is visibly tired and was running away from Lindland early. Both traded punches but neither man’s punches were doing much. With 90 seconds left, Lindland got a takedown that went out of the ring. Back on their feed, Lindland hit a nice knee. Trigg apologized for counting Negao out before the fight. The fans booed as the fight came to an end since they didn’t end swinging. 10-9 for Lindland. While it’s an easy win for Lindland (in my opinion), Negao gained a lot of respect here.

Winner via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27): Matt Lindland