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Ultimate Fight Night: Silva Vs. Irvin Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC’s Ultimate Fight Night: Silva vs. Irvin. Keep refreshing for latest results and live blow-by-blow coverage.

We have quick results first followed by more detailed results.


Anderson Silva def. James Irvin by KO at 1:01, R1

Brandon Vera def. Reese Andy by unanimous decison at 5:00, R3

Frankie Edgar def. Hermes Franca by unanimous decision at 5:00, R3

Cain Velasquez def. Jake O’Brien by TKO at 2:02, R1

Kevin Burns def. Anthony Johnson by TKO at 3:35, R3

C.B. Dollaway def. Jesse Taylor by submission (peruvian neck tie) at 3:58, R1

Tim Credeur def. Cale Yarbrough by TKO at 1:54, R1

Rory Markham def. Brodie Farber by KO at 1:47, R1

Nate Loughran def. Johnny Rees by submission (triangle choke) at 4:21, R1

Brad Blackburn def. James Gaboo by TKO (strikes) at 2:29, R2

Shannon Gugerty def. Dale Hartt by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:33, R1


Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin

Round one:

The two men come out to a bit of a feeling out period. Now Irvin throws a leg kick which Silva catches while simultaneously throwing a counter punch. Down goes Irvin! Silva’s all over him with punches to the face. This fight is over. Silva takes it via TKO! Unbelievable!

Final result: Anderson Silva def. James Irvin by KO at 1:01, R1

Brandon Vera vs. Reese Andy

Round one:

Vera lands a big head strike and gets taken down. He scrambles to his feet and unleashes another big high kick. Vera lands another big leg kick and Andy gets dropped. Vera lets him up and continues to land shots. Andy looks a bit outclassed on the feet. The two clinch and Vera land a nice knee and transitions into a big takedown. He’s in side control and both men get back up. Good stuff from Vera. He really looks quicker at 205. He takes the round 10-9.

Round two:

The two men come out and get into the clinch. Vera scores another nice takedown. Now he takes Andy’s back and is peppering him with shots. The two men are back up now and are squaring off in the center of the cage. Vera lands a nice knee. Andy can’t do much to Vera in the striking game. Big head kick landed by Vera. A lot of standing around as Vera looks to counterstrike. Pretty boring round so far and the crowd starts to boo as both men seem to be looking to counterstrike. Sub-par round, but Vera takes it 10-9.

Round three:

Vera comes out landing a couple of nice shots and the two men go back to the clench. Vera looks a bit tired as he continues to clench. Vera gets Andy in the clench and lands some nice knees. Now the two men go back into the clench. Joe Rogan thinks that Vera may be drawn out and dehydrated. Another boring round with neither fighter doing a whole lot. Vera pressed the action though and landed more shots. Vera takes that round as well. 10-9.

Final result: Brandon Vera def. Reese Andy by unanimous decison at 5:00, R3

Frank Edgar vs. Hermes Franca

Round one:

Edgar shoots right out of the gate and takes Franca down. Frank is landing some nice shots from the top position on Franca. Omaplata attempt to an armbar by Franca! Looks bad for Edgar. Edgar escapes! Very nice sub defense from Edgar. The two go to the feet. Franca lands a big knee and some nice punches before Edgar takes him down again. Edgar is in Franca’s guard landing some nice elbows. Tough to score, but due to control I’d give that round to Edgar 10-9.

Round two:

Franca lands a nice kick to start. Edgar answers with a nice combination of his own. Edgar takes Franca down again. Edgar is landing some big blows from within Franca’s guard. Edgar tries to pass but Franca stuffs it nicely. But Edgar goes back to landing nice elbows from the top. Now Franca gives Edgar his back. Franca rolls and gets Edgar back into his guard. The two go back to the feet and Franca lands a nice uppercut and takes Franca down again. That wasn’t close. It goes to Edgar 10-9.

Round three:

Franca comes out strong. Lands a huge uppercut and a knee, but he gets taken down. Now Franca scrambles and gets to his feet, but Edgar takes him down again. He can take Franca down at will. Edgar is back in Franca’s guard. Now Franca gets up but he eats a big knee from Edgar. Franca looks absolutely exhausted. Edgar is all cardio; he continues to press the action. Huge strikes from Franca! Big knee, bug uppercut. Edgar is hurt! Edgar is cut badly on his nose. Wow! Edgar takes Franca down as the round ends. Close round, but I’d score that for Edgar as well. 10-9.

Final result: Frankie Edgar def. Hermes Franca by unanimous decision at 5:00, R3

Cain Velasquez vs. Jake O’Brien

Round one:

O’Brien comes out strong pressing Velasquez who quickly takes him down. Velasquez has full control of this fight. Now he’s pounding O’Brien with shots. He’s got him in the Salaverry. O’Brien is taking tremendous punishment and can’t defend himself. Refree calls it. Velasquez looks extremely impressive. He completely dominated O’Brien on the ground.

Final result: Cain Velasquez def. Jake O’Brien by TKO at 2:02, R1

Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Burns

Round one:

Round one: Leg kick from Johnson. Burns answers with a right hand. Burns charges and there’s a small exchange then a tie up. Both guys throw knees as they move around the cage in the clinch. Burns punches out and the separate. Jab from Johnson, but Burns lands a nice combo. Nice body kick from Burns, but Johnson answers with a leg kcik of his own. Another leg kick from Johnson. The ref said it was low, and it definitely was. Burns says he’s good and they start fight back up. Big slam from Johnson!!! He’s in Burns’ guard now and Burns is controlling him nicely. Nice left hand from Johnson. Johnsons not doing much to improve his position, but he’s being active now with punches. A couple elbows from Johnson and the ref steps in and stands them up. Johnson lands a kick and then a nice combination. Burns clinches and throws a few knees as the bell rings. Close round, but I’ll give it to Johnson because of the takedown and activity.

Round two:

Nice exchange and a leg kcik from Burns. Johnson lands a huge Knee!!!! He follows up with a big combo that sends Burns flying to the cage. Johnson charges with a flying knee and grazes Burns. Burns grabs him and is holding on for dear life. He looks to have recovered now, but Johnson is still landing big punches and leg kicks. Burns throws a leg kcik now and eats a big left. Both guys are working the jabs now. Burns keeps pushing the action, but keeps getting hit and kicked. Big knee to the body now for Johnson and Burns answers with a high kick that lands right on the money. Johnson now grabs and then gets a takedown. Both guys look to be recovering a little bit as Burns has Johnson in full guard. Johnson stands and lands a elbow and punch combo, then right back in guard. The ref stands them up with about 20 seconds left in the round. After a small exchange, the round ends with Johnson getting another takedown. If he didn’t already have the round won, that secured it for him. Burns is holding his own though. Decent fight so far.

Round three:

Big leg kick from both guys. Johnson works the jab. But Burns keeps coming forward, landing punches of his own and kicks. Johnson shoots and scoops Burns up for another takedown. Right back into Burns’ full guard and again not much happening from here. They get stood up again and right away Johnson shoots and gets another easy takedown. Nice palms strikes from Burns on the bottom. Again they get stood up. Big combo from Johnson but Burns steps forward and lands a big combo that scrapes Johnson’s eye badly. Johnson immediately goes down and Burns looks confused. He pounces and the ref jumps in and waves the fight off. Johnson immediately complains, saying his eye was poked and that he wasn’t knocked out, but the fight has already been stopped. Controversy, but it’s over.

Final result: Kevin Burns def. Anthony Johnson by TKO at 3:35, R3

Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round one:

Taylor comes out controlling the action keeping Dollaway against the cage. CB uses a hip toss to get Taylor to the ground but Taylor quickly reverses. The two go at it on the ground for a while and now Dollaway catches Taylor in a rear naked choke. Taylors in trouble. He reverses and gets out of trouble. Now Taylor is on top and he’s reining down blows. Dollaway reverses and catches Taylor in a Peruvian neck tie! It’s deep. Taylor taps, fight over.

Final Result: C.B. Dollaway def. Jesse Taylor by submission (peruvian neck tie) at 3:58, R1