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Affliction Banned Results: Fedor, Arlovski Victorious

Welcome to’s live, round-by-round coverage of Affliction Banned. Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from Anaheim, California.

Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results by hitting F5 on your keyboard. Now, on to the action!

Affliction is using a ring like PRIDE as opposed to a cage. Not sure how good of an idea that is as most MMA fans in the U.S. equate MMA with a cage. Frank Trigg and Jay Glazer are doing the announcing.


Gary Goodridge vs. Paul Buentello

Buentello defeated Goodridge via unanimous decisions with all judges scoring the fight 30-27.

For some reason, Mark Hominick vs. Trenell Young isn’t going on next. Maybe they figured that Aleksander Emelianenko (who Goodridge filled in for) would finish Buentello quickly, because there seem to be timing issues. Anyway, on the FSN show the aired the Goodridge – Buentello fight on a delay and now we’re going live to Vitor Belfort vs. Terry Martin. So far the show seems a little unorganized, and the announcers don’t seem to know what’s happening.

Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort (16-8-0) vs. Terry Martin (16-4-0)

Belfort came to the ring first with Martin coming in second to ‘Beat It’. That’s the first time I can remember seeing a fighter coming in to Michael Jackson. They cut to a commercial.

The referee is Josh Rosenthal. They did the ring introductions and then they’re off to another commercial already.

Round 1: Belfort scored a nice kick early in the first minute. The entire round was spent on their feet with Martin being the aggressor. Not much action in the round. Neither really did much damage, I’d score it 10-9 for Martin for being more aggressive.

Round 2: The fight stayed standing with both men swinging wildly early in the round. Belfort hit a nice kick before Martin took Belfort down 80 seconds into the round. After a minute, they were back up to their feet. Finally with 2 minutes left in the round Belfort nailed Martin with an amazing flying knee and started landing a combination of punches and finished Martin with an uppercut.

Winner via TKO in 3:12 in Round 2: Vitor Belfort

After the fight, “Big” John McCarthy interviewed Vitor Belfort. Belfort thanks Randy Couture and Team Couture. McCarthy interviewed Randy Couture afterward who said promotions like Affliction are great for the fighters.


Michael Buffer opened the show with his trademark “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” shtick and then it’s off to Megadeth.

Megadeth performed “Symphony of Destruction” which is over 15 years old. They still looked and sounded the same. While they were playing, all the fighters who will be fighting tonight came to the ramp, kinda similar to how PRIDE would have all the fighters out a the start of their shows.

The opening for the show aired and John McCarthy has joined Frank Trigg and Jay Glazer at the announce booth.

Michael Buffer is doing the ring announcing.

Mike Pyle (16-5-1) vs. JJ Ambrose (9-1-0)

Round 1 Pyle had Ambrose clinched up early and took Ambrose to the ground. Pyle tried to mount Ambrose and got behind him and got Pyle in an armchoke. He then landed a couple of punches. Pyle is trying to get in a rear naked choke and managed to get it in and Pyle tapped at 2:51 in Round 1.

Winner via tapout (rear naked choke) in 2:51 of Round 1: Mike Pyle

John McCarthy interviewed Mike Pyle afterwards and Pyle said he’s ready to fight anyone.

We’re back to Glazer, Trigg and McCarthy at ringside and Glazer noted that the promotion was born out of UFC banning Affliction clothing. They went over the card, no mention of Mark Hominick vs. Trenell Young, so that fight might be moved until after the main event. Impressive win for Nogueira.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (13-3-0) vs. Edwin Dewees (35-12-0)

Round 1 Frank Trigg predicted a short night for Dewees. Trigg had handed Dewees his last defeat. Dewees landed some leg kicks on Nogueira. Halfway into the round, Nogueira took Dewees to the ground and got in some punches. The announcers are talking about Dewees like he’s some jabroni from the street. Nogueira landed some hard knees and started raining in with punches and referee Herb Dean stops the fight with under a minute left in the round.

Winner via TKO (strikes) at 4:06 in Round 1: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

John McCarthy was backstage talking about how intense it’s getting backstage as Andrei Arlovski was getting his fists taped.

Matt Lindland (20-5-0) vs. Fabio Negao (8-3-0)

Trigg is really no holds barred on commentary. Instead of putting both fighters over, he noted that he felt that Negao is a little overrated.

Round 1: Lindland knocked Negao almost immediately and got in a guillotine. Negao was trying to get out of the choke, but Lindland kept it in. Negao was finally able to get out but Lindland maintained control. With a minute left, they went to their feet but Negao seemed pretty exhausted at this point. Both threw a few punches that didn’t seem to do much damage to close the round. If it weren’t for the last minute, I’d have scored it 10-8 for Lindland, but as it is, 10-9 Lindland.

Round 2: Lindland began the round landed some hard punches. Negao answered with a nice elbow to the head and some nice punches and the crowd started coming alive. Negao hit a few more big shots to Lindland’s surprise. Finally Lindland took Negao down to the ground after eating some hard shots from Negao. Lindland dropped a couple of nice elbows. Negao went under the ropes, seemingly to get referee Josh Rosenthal to move them to the center. The round ended with Lindland on top. Closer round, but still 10-9 for Lindland.

Round 3: Both men landed a couple of punches that didn’t do much damage. Negao is visibly tired and was running away from Lindland early. Both traded punches but neither man’s punches were doing much. With 90 seconds left, Lindland got a takedown that went out of the ring. Back on their feed, Lindland hit a nice knee. Trigg apologized for counting Negao out before the fight. The fans booed as the fight came to an end since they didn’t end swinging. 10-9 for Lindland. While it’s an easy win for Lindland (in my opinion), Negao gained a lot of respect here.

Winner via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27): Matt Lindland

Renato Sobral (29-7-0) vs. Mike Whitehead (20-5-0)

As Mike Whitehead made his way to the ring, Frank Trigg noted that he was 273 in April. Trigg mentioned that Whitehead, weighing in yesterday at 206, is probably at 235 today. That’s just insane.

Round 1: Whitehead looked much bigger than Babalu here. Most of the round was on their feet, with neither doing much damage. The crowd chanted ‘Babalu’ late in the first round and Babalu took Whitehead down but they quickly got up. Tough to call, I’d go 10-9 Sobral.

Round 2: Whitehead controlled most of the fight on the ground after taking Babalu down, but wasn’t able to do any damage. Babalu actually did more damage underneath than Whitehead did. They were stood up and Babalu controlled position and got some good kicks on Whitehead to finish the round. 10-9 Sobral.

Round 3: Babalu came out with some high kicks. Mike Whitehead grabbed Babalu and they went outside the ropes with Babalu getting Whitehead in a guillotine in the process. Because they were outside the ring, Babalu had to break the hold and they were back in the center of the ring. Whitehead again took Babalu down and again they went through the ropes, and were brought back in. Both men got a minute to rest as they fixed the ring rope so they don’t go through again. Whitehead took Babalu took it to the ground again, and Babalu went for a guillotine and a triangle. They were brought back to their feed. With 40 seconds left in the round, Babalu hit a couple of straight kicks to Whitehead’s face. Babalu kept hitting a bunch of knees to Whitehead as the fight came to a close, and WWE’s the Undertaker was shown looking on. Another 10-9 round for Babalu. I see it a 30-27 fight for Babalu, although I could see some judges giving Round 1 to Whitehead.

Winner via unanimous decision (with all judges scoring it 30-27): Renato “Babalu” Sobral

Donald Trump was shown at ringside with Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was shown behind them. A little piece of useless trivia, at last year’s WrestleMania, Donald Trump was on the receiving end of one of Steve Austin’s stunners.

Savant Young (9-7-0) vs. Mark Hominick (15-8-0)

Round 1: The entire round was on their feet but neither man was able to inflict much damage. Young landed a good bodyshot near the end of the round while Hominick got a lot of pepper punches that didn’t do much damage. 10-9 Hominick.

Tim Sylvia was shown backstage. Fedor was shown backstage next to a huge response from a crowd.

Round 2: Hominick continued to pepper Young with shots. Finally almost 2 minutes into the round, Young was able to take Hominick down. While on the ground, Hominick was able to get a triangle, but Young was able to powerbomb Hominick down to the ground, ala Rampage. Moments later, Hominick got another triangle on Young and switched to an armbar and got Young to tap.

Winner via submission with an armbar at 4:25 in Round 2: Mark Hominick

Megadeth came back out and performed another song.

They showed a video of the fights that took place earlier in the night.

Josh Barnett (21-5-0) vs. Pedro Rizzo (16-7-0)

Round 1: The fight stayed standing the entire round. Not much damage was inflicted, although Barnett landed more blows. The crowd booed as the round came to an end. 10-9 Barnett.

Round 2: The fight stayed standing and managed to catch a huge left out of left field on Rizzo on the button and dropped a couple of punches and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Winner via TKO at 1:44 in Round 2: Josh Barnett

Andrei Arlovski (12-5-0) vs. Ben Rothwell (29-5-0)

During the ring introductions, Rothwell was booed heavily while Arlovski got a huge response from the crowd.

Round 1: Both guys looked aggressive. Arlovski scored a big takedown in the middle of the round and went for a heel hook, but Rothwell was able to get out quickly. Arlovski landed a nice exchange late in the round and looked close to finishing the fight. The round ended with Rothwell landing a big shot. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 2: The two started exchanging hard blows with Arlovski getting the better of it and once again looked like he was close to finishing it. Arlovski got Rothwell to the ground but Rothwell pulled guard. Rothwell got busted open. Both wen were able to get some good shots in. They were stoop up and Arlovski went on a tear with 10 seconds left. Arlovski landed a flurry of punches, a knee to the face and more hard shots to take the round. Great fight so far. Arlovski 10-9 with the strong finish to that round. Amazing that Rothwell didn’t get knocked out, especially after the flying knee.

Round 3: The two locked up in the corner and the fans started booing, being a little spoiled from the first two rounds. Arlovski escaped and landed another flurry of hard shots and Rothwell is out! Great fight.

Winner via KO in Round 3: Andrei Arlovski

Michael Buffer acknowledged Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Rob Schneider, Manny Ramirez, Korn, Don Johnson, Randy Couture (big pop), Tito Ortiz (who got booes), Jenna Jameson and Donald Trump.

Megadeth performed again.

Fedor Emelianenko (27-1-0) vs. Tim Sylvia (24-4-0)

Michael Buffer did his usual main event fight shtick, which means the intro itself is 10 minutes.

During the referee instructions, neither fighter looked the other in the eye.

Round 1: Fedor nailed Sylvia right off the bat and nailed Sylvia with a flurry of punches and knocked Sylvia to the ground, it looks like it could be over any second. He hooked in a rear naked choke and Sylvia tapped, it’s over in 36 seconds!

Winner via submission (rear naked choke) in 0:36 in Round 1

After the fight John McCarthy asked Fedor who he would most like to fight next and Fedor said Randy Couture and the crowd erupted at that. Couture was about 10 feet behind Fedor at this point. Couture shook hands with Fedor after and McCarthy asked him if he’d like to fight Fedor. Couture said “absolutely”, if he gets his legal problems with UFC resolved. Wherever Couture’s legal problems with UFC stand, this isn’t going to help. The sight of Fedor and Couture with John McCarthy interviewing them and Donald Trump standing behind them should get some play tomorrow.