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Kimbo vs. Rogers Not A Done Deal

As we previously reported, Kimbo Slice will be returning to the cage this fall. A match up with Brett Rogers has been heavily rumored but, according to Pro Elite Executive Chairman Doug DeLuca, the fight is not a guarantee.

“You are going to see Kimbo again, probably late September or early to mid-October,” DeLuca said. “I definitely cannot confirm that he will fight Brett Rogers because we’re not sure that’s the next fight for Kimbo.”

DeLuca also expressed confusion about the Kimbo detractors.

“One thing I will say about Kimbo — for everybody who likes to give him a hard time — I really don’t understand it,” said DeLuca. “I don’t understand why someone can’t find the sport of MMA, sort of like (EliteXC-CBS broadcaster) Gus (Johnson) did months ago. In Kimbo’s case, it was a year or so ago, but he found the sport, and he’s committed, and he’s a natural and a great fighter. This guy, unlike some guys you see that come up on the streets that don’t have the discipline or focus, this guy is one of the most disciplined and focused guys I’ve ever seen.”