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Pedro Rizzo And Tom Atencio Talk Affliction Vs. UFC

Pedro Rizzo and Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio paid a visit to KCAL Sports Central in LA as part of Afflictions media push. During the interview Rizzo gave his opinion on Dana White and the threat that Affliction represents to the UFC.

“Dana is doing what he has to do, he doesn’t like competition. Affliction is bringing him big competition. I’ve been fighting in MMA for the last 10 years maybe this is the best card I’ve ever seen. Dana White is freaking out. They are t-shirt men and they make the best card ever. He’s nervous with this.”

Atencio commented that he’s looking forward to watching the UFC’s counter programing.

“Everyone is going to TIVO it,” said Atencio. “I want to see Anderson Silva fight James Irvin. But I’m going to be at our card where every fight could be a main event somewhere else.”

Click here to watch the interview in its entirety.