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Jesse Taylor Talks Second Chances And Anderson Silva

Jesse Taylor sat down with to discuss his ousting from the TUF 7 finale and his second chance with the UFC as well as his future in the sport. Here’s some of the highlights:

Taylor On Being Kicked Out Of The TUF Finale:

“The whole situation was tough, but that was one of the toughest things about it. Just knowing how well I did, and at the same time knowing how I let people down. It was confusing and a tough situation. My own camp didn’t even know. The whole thing wasn’t a good experience, but I’m not a person who puts my head down in self-pity. I got motivated, and I want to get out there and keep on fighting.”

Taylor On Amir Sodollah:

“I really like Amir, but I felt that stylewise I definitely would have beaten him. I was proud for him, but it was really hard to watch, knowing that that was my fight.”

Taylor On His Second Chance With The UFC:

“I had to realize my priorities and what this means to me. This is a very professional organization and I want to be very good in it, so I realized what it takes to do that, and I definitely had to change some things. I quit messing around, got some things in order, and I know I have to get together and fight super hard. This means a lot to me and I’ve got a lot on the line here. It’s my chance to come back here and redeem myself, and at the same time, a chance to come in here and prove and establish myself. I’ve got a lot to lose and a lot to gain, so I can’t wait. (The fight against CB Dollaway) is a very big fight for me.”

Taylor On Working With Team Quest:

“They really helped me get my stuff together and let me know that if I want to do good, make money in this sport, and realize my potential that I gotta put my mind to it and not be out there drinking all the time. I have to be serious. I’ve never trained this hard and been this serious about a lot of the chances I’ve had wrestling and fighting wise. It’s gonna be a whole new me out there.”

Taylor On His Future Aspirations:

“I want to be the next Anderson Silva and I’d love to fight that guy down the road. This is something that I really love to do, and it’s a test at the same time, but on Saturday, I want people to say ‘that’s one helluva fighter, and he’s here to stay.’ This is just the beginning.”