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Baroni Desides Not To Press Charges In Post Fight Headbutting Incident

Phil Baroni has told the U.K. MMA site, Fighter’s Only, that he will not be pressing charges in relation to an assault by a member of Scott Jansen’s entourage.

Baroni, who knocked Jansen out towards the end of the first round, made his way over to Jansen who lay unconscious in the center of the cage. Baroni leaned in to check on the fighter and was promptly attacked by an unnamed individual associated with Jensen.

“These things happen.” Baroni told Fighters Only. “It must be tough to see a loved one get knocked out like that. Emotions ran high. I want to put this behind me.”

Baroni looked good in his welterweight debut and claimed after the fight that he’s the hardest punching welterweight in the world.

Click here to watch his welterweight debut along with the above described incident.