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Tim Sylvia Talks About Fedor, Lesnar & More

Tim Sylvia recently sat down with the Baltimore Sun to discuss a variety of issues including his upcoming fight for Affliction on July 19. Sylvia is preparing to take on Fedor Emelianenko, who is widely considered the best heavyweight in the world. Below are some interesting experts from that interview:

Sylvia On Fedor Being Ranked Number 1:

I just don’t think, in MMA it’s hard to label someone as No. 1. I think the top five guys are all No. 1. It’s just so tough, we’re all so competitive. It’s so close and in MMA anything can happen at any given moment. I don’t care about being ranked No. 1, I care about beating the best guys out there. I’ve fought top 10 guys the past three years and he hasn’t. His competition hasn’t been very good. He’s fought fat middleweights or he’s fought freakshows who weren’t good fighters. I think it’s going to benefit me a little bit.

Sylvia On Coming Back To The UFC:

Yeah, eventually I would like to be back in the UFC. Right now, I have other opportunities and there’s a chance for me to make some money as a free agent so that’s what I’m going to do right now. I eventually want to fight back there some day and I left on good terms.

Sylvia On Rules That He Would Like To See Implemented For MMA Competition:

There’s a couple things. I would like to see knees and foot stomps allowed on the ground and I would like to see all the judges go to classes and get certified and have to re-certify every year. Just like fighters have to apply for licenses. I think judges have to take classes and know more about MMA. You can’t just have boxing refs judge doing MMA. It’s not working and fighters are getting screwed because of it.

Sylvia On Brock Lesnar:

I think once again, he’s a guy who it’s not fair to come in and be the co-main event. To have one fight and get half a million, it’s not fair to guys like me and guys like [Antonio Rogerio] Nogueira. I know why they try to do this — to get more fans — but there are guys out there who have been loyal to the sport and when stuff like this happens it’s like a slap in the face.

Sylvia On Griffin Vs. Jackson:

I love Forrest, he’s a great guy and they are both good friends of mine, but that’s why I was talking about judges. I really believe Forrest won round two and I believe he won five, and Quinton dominated the first round — maybe a 10-8 round — and won rounds three and four 10-9, but judges just weren’t educated enough in MMA.

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