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WAMMA COO Micheal Lynch Discusses His Organizations Future

Our friends over at recently sat down with WAMMA COO Michael Lynch to discuss a wide range of topics. For those wondering what MMA’s first official sanctioning body is up to, it’s a must read. Below are some interesting excerpts from the interview.

Lynch On The Purpose Of WAMMA:

WAMMA was officially announced to the world at a press conference held at Gallager’s Steak House in New York City in November, 2007. However, the founding partners of WAMMA, which included myself, famous boxing attorney Fred Levin, former Buffalo Bills coach Kay Stephenson, and our CEO Dave Szady, had been reaching out to MMA promoters and fighters since early 2007. Fred Levin had initially envisioned an organization that would take the confusion out of the “alphabet soup” problem of boxing. Although the landscape of boxing did not provide for a successful business model, the founding partners of WAMMA saw a void, and more importantly, a need in Mixed Martial Arts and thus WAMMA was created. The goal of WAMMA is much more than than crowning champions as WAMMA is so much more than a mere “sanctioning body”. WAMMA is a multifaceted fighter and fan-forward organization. Our goals are to invest in the sport of MMA by way of contributions to a fighter pension fund, insurance programs for fighters, financial education seminars, referee and judge training and an investment in amateur MMA with a goal of having MMA recognized as an Olympic sport.

Lynch On WAMMA Championships:

WAMMA is not awarding Championships only to Affliction fighters. WAMMA is looking forward to participating in Championship fights with all promotions – the UFC, Affliction, Adrenaline MMA, M1, Elite XC, Strikeforce, Dream, WVR, etc. In the end, it is all about the fighters, not the promotions. I have always said that in mixed martial arts, the two most valuable commodities in MMA are #1- the fighters, #2- the fans. The fighters want to fight the very best and see an undisputed champion regardless of promotional affiliation. Hence our slogan, “One Belt, One King.” The fans want to see the best fighters fighting each other and the best match ups based upon skill, record and fan appeal. That being said, WAMMA couldn’t be happier to have partnered up with Affliction for July 19th on “Affliction Banned.” It is the single greatest card in MMA history and a must-see for both die-hard and casual fans.

Lynch On What’s Next For WAMMA:

As you can expect, for the next two weeks, WAMMA is going to be focused squarely on the upcoming WAMMA Championship fight at Affliction: Banned. However, in the month of August, look for WAMMA to unveil the membership of our newly created Fighter Advisory Board, chaired by MMA legend Randy Couture and WAMMA Vice President and former UFC champion Pat Miletich. WAMMA has all ready had verbal conformation of participation from most of the invited members and trust me they amount to a Who’s Who of MMA superstars of both past and present. The WAMMA Fighter Advisory Board will begin to tackle such issues as the WAMMA fighter pension fund, insurance programs for fighters, financial education seminars and refferree and judge training. As to future championship fights, we hope to see a defense of the WAMMA Heavyweight Championship this year or early next, and hopefully a WAMMA Championship fight in a lower weight division in the next 6 months. I will keep you updated on the developments in this regard. Also, look for a totally new website to by unveiled in mid-August.

To read the rest of this interview with much more from WAMMA COO Micheal Lynch; including his thoughts on the new belt design, the formation of a World Grand Prix, and an explanation of their rankings system,click here.